2011 SXSW Top 5 Long Distance Wrap-Up!

Here we are, Monday morning and 2011 SXSW is now behind us. I report today with a tinge of regret that I couldn’t make it to Austin this year but alas somebody had to water the plants and feed the interns. But for those of us that couldn’t make it, we thank the excessive (obsessive?) and inebriated blogging/tweeting/etc by all you crazy kids out there living the dream (and those crushing hangovers). Here’s a short list of shows/events that caught our attention across the ether.

1. Third Man Rolling Record StoreThird Man Records

First got wind of this via Pitchfork and it looked like one of the essentials to see/catch this year. Third Man does so much cool stuff and this “Pimp My Ride” style food-truck-looking-record-store surely stole the show. The little promo film about the “Rolling Record Store” reports some scary statistic that 97% of all high schoolers have never been to a record store. Crazy. I’ll say that I was in Amoeba Los Angeles on Saturday (picking up the some new Crass reissues!) and I over heard two teenage girls talking about some record and one of them said “I could probably just order this on-line but I love record stores and want to support them”. Maybe they saw Third Man’s little promo video and got inspired. I hope so.

2. Undefeated documentary screening/deal inking

Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin’s film Undefeated about underdog Memphis football (The Manassas Tigers) team blows minds and then some bank accounts at SXSW this year. The film was screened last Sunday night and then by the wee hours of Monday morning a six figure deal was signed with The Weinstein Company. Yowzers! LITA’s TV/Film licensing guru¬†Sandy Wilson is the film’s music supervisor so you know soundtrack is gonna kill.

3. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them AllFader Fort and Thrasher Magazine parties

OK, I get it. OFWGKTA is blogged/hyped to death but I’d write them off sure as shit if their music wasn’t actually good. So it’s no wonder that everyone and their hip grandmother wanted to be at one or all of their shows at SXSW this year. Pitchfork was all over the Fader Fort show (which sounded cool) but the real fun looked to be had at the Thrasher Magazine show, which makes sense considering Odd Future’s skate-thug leanings.

4. OFF! – Vice Late Night party with OFWGKTA and Thee Oh Sees

Los Angeles punk “super group” OFF! took their 18 minute, 30 song set to SXSW this year and all reports confirm that there were some classic Keith Morris rants and ravings mixed in with some truly great punk rock. Shows at Emo’s and the Spin Day party sounded cool but the Vice closing party looked like it was the one to beat. OFF! and Odd Future sharing the same stage? No real reports coming in yet but maybe everyone’s still sleeping off hangovers.¬†Tyler, The Creator and Keith Morris should co-host a talk show, btw.

OFF! SXSW (photo: Tiffany (Mink) Barratt)

5, Die Antwoord / Harmony Korine short film Umshini Wam

After signing some crazy $$$ deal with Interscope, you’d think Die Antwoord would’ve played some blow-out hyped shows at SXSW this year. But alas, keeping shit as weird as possible, they instead appeared in Umshini Wam, the short film directed by Harmony Korine in which Die Antwoord’s Yo Landi and Ninja cruise around in wheelchairs like the art thugs they are.