2013 Year End Wrap Up!


Welp that’s it, 2013 is nearly over. It’s been an amazing year here at Light In The Attic. We have celebrated Searching For Sugar Man winning an oscar, another epic road trip, Donnie & Joe’s first NYC show and the release of the comprehensive Lee Hazlewood Industries box set. However, we couldn’t have done any of it without the love from all of our friends and supporters! But before we dive head first into 2014, as always we like to stop and reflect on this past year. Below are lists of some of our favorite things from 2013!

Enjoy! We’ll see you next year….


Matt Sullivan
Founder/Owner (Los Angeles)

1. Donnie & Joe Emerson, The Mercury Lounge, NYC, June 29, 2013

2. Date Palms – The Dusted Sessions (Thrill Jockey)

3. End Of All Music, Oxford, MS – I love this record store

4. Houston Rap – by Peter Beste & Lance Scott Walker (Sinecure Books)

5. King Krule – 6 Feet Beneath the Moon (True Panther/XL)

6. Mark Lanegan – Imitations (Heavenly/Vagrant)

7. Orange Is The New Black – Season 1 (Netflix)

8. Oxford American Magazine – Tennessee Music Issue (Nov 2013, Issue #83)

9. Searching For Sugar Man wins the Oscar, Feb. 24, 2013

10. Smoke Shop, Ballard, WA – still the greatest bar on planet earth

11. Soundcarriers – The Other World Of The Soundcarriers (The Great Pop Supplement)

12. Spectacular Now (A24 Films)


Lydia Hyslop
Girl Friday (Los Angeles)

1. AL PASTOR – Tulum, Mexico.
Al pastor shaved off the spit, straight into a tortilla, and straight into my mouth. Foodgasm #1

2. HATED BY THE SUN (LP) – Hellshovel
Bloodshot Bill plays drums on the album, and the whole thing is simply infectious.

Holy crap. SO juicy, SO spicy, and damn good greens. Foodgasm #2.

4. TURNING 30- I did it!

5. HORSE RACES – Arcadia and Del Mar, CA
I may be a thirty-year-old girl, but in my heart I’m a 65-year-old gambling alcoholic man.

This song is like floating on a cloud and doing the twist while taking acid: one part ethereal, one part righteous, all parts sass.

7. HOT BROWN – Louisville, KY
Like a decadent hot mess of a benedict, minus the eggs. Foodgasm #3.

8. “GAS PEDAL” – Sage The Gemini
I love top 40′s rap, old and new, and this is a real twerker, with such incredible lyrics as “Wiggle like you tryna make yo ass fall off” and “She got a booty so big it’s like a Ferris Wheel.”

9. BURNOUT world premiere – Wilmington, NC
All I can say is Halle-fucking-lujah! My first feature film is in the can.

10. RIO RANCHO PIZZA @ I Love NY Pizza – Wilmington, NC
Bacon and ranch melted into the cheese. WTF? I died several little deaths. Multi-foodgasm #4
11. Spontaneously singing “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” with members of the Wrecking Crew at the Light In The Attic LHI/ Holiday party. Life dream realized.


Jess Rotter
Publicist (Los Angeles)

1. The Lion (church of vinyl) in Tokyo, Japan

2. Jody Stephens of Big Star wearing Rotter and Friends

3. I Am The Center New Age Compilation

4. Arthur Russell-Another Thought reissue

5. Dino Valente-self titled solo record (Thanks Keith)

6. William Onyeabor- Who Is William Onyeabor? -fun to finally see this brought to the masses properly.

7. The “Follow Your Bliss” excerpt from Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth (thanks Zach)

8. Scribbling an official tee shirt for the Grateful Dead

9. Jackson C. Frank-self titled reissue

10. Smoking grass with The Zombies on my birthday, bai.


Patrick McCarthy
Project Manager (Los Angeles)

1. Going to China/Hong Kong – September 2013. HK is one of the best cities I’ve visited. Beautiful, great food, easy to navigate, weird bars etc. Plus luggage carts are free at the airport and you don’t have to remove your shoes. Civility.

2. Vinyl Hero – record store in this dude Paul’s tiny apartment in the Sham Shui Po district of Hong Kong. The best!

3. Lee Hazlewood Industries box set. Thought I might lose all my hair working on this. Was very intense but so happy with the way it came out. Really great working with everyone on this. Matt Sullivan and Hunter Lea did so much great research and archive digging. Amazing how much blood, sweat, tears, beers, and love went into this project.

4. “Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me” finally being released theatrically and on DVD / On Demand. Only took 6 years start to finish!

5. Saada Bonaire on Fantasy Memory / Captured Tracks. Love Dennis Bovel’s albums and production but didn’t know this. Grip it!

6. Roky Erickson reissues on Light In The Attic – especially “The Evil One“, which is an all time favorite. Was really honored to work on these and hear that Roky loved how they came out.

7. Tomcattt “Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaa” CD (especially the single “The Hurt“). One of my fav songs of 2013. No joke, dude can write some great songs and is totally irony-free. Free to be, Tomcattt.

8. Getting engaged! This is the best!


Pat Thomas
Artists and Repertoire (Los Angeles)

1. Got to meet John Lydon of PiL and present him with a copy of the “Listen Whitey” vinyl LP

2. Enjoyed getting to work with Bobby Whitlock of Derek & the Dominoes on the reissue of his 1972 self titled solo album, putting it on CD for the first time.

3. Went to New Mexico and visited Dennis Hopper’s grave

4. Loved diving into 20 discs of 1974 Live King Crimson on the Road To Red box

5. Interviewed dozens of 1960′s radicals and activists for my forthcoming biography of Jerry Rubin and the YIPPIES for Fantagraphics Books.

6. Finally figured out how to drive around Los Angeles

7. Returned to Seattle briefly for an event at the NWFF and had the chance to meet up with my fave Seattle gang: guru Chris Estey, Kathy’s Wolf & Fennessy, Dave Segal, Jonny Zwickel, Bill Kennedy, Mr. Fried, Gary Groth, Jacq Cohen, et al

8. Absolutely mind-blowing Paisley Underground reunion show in LA with Rain Parade, Dream Syndicate, 3 o’clock and the Bangles

9. For the past 6 months, started swimming 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week

10. Studied very hard and passed my colonoscopy test with flying colors


Jon Treneff
Sales & Retail (Seattle)

1. Magik Markers – Surrender To The Fantasy (Drag City). hey white trash.

2. Finally starting a label after 38 yrs of talking about it

3. Anonymous – Inside The Shadow (Machu Picchu). best reissue, best private press…best record ever.

4. LITA Road Trip ’13. fulfilling fantasies. All the amazing people i had the good fortune to meet along the way.

5. The writer, Scott McClanahan. Why we made fun of in West Virginia.

6. Hattie’s Hat – Ballard, Seattle. the only place i wanna go, 100th yr in a row.

7. Bill Callahan / Mick Turner live – the heavies just get better with age.

8. Franz von Stuck exhibition – Frye Museum, Seattle. you should really see this. it’s free.

9. Connections – Body Language LP/ Private Airplane LP / Tough City EP midwestern grind ethic back in bizness.

10. The full-fledged Strokes revival / The N’ere Dowells – Are You Still Down? – nyc kids re-animating the strokes songbook.

11. Cass Mccombs – Big Wheel & Others - automatic top-ten shit. them’s the rulez.


Michael Wells
Director of Operations (Seattle)

1. “Push The Sky Away” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (Bad Seed Ltd.)

2. …Like Clockwork – Queens of the Stone Age (Matador Records)

3. Hedwig and the Angry Inch @ Moore Theater – Performed in two runs in Seattle in ’13

4. National Wake – Walk In Africa 1979-81 (Light In The Attic)

5. The Everything Store – Jeff Bezos/Amazon bio

6. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Live @ Paramount Theater, Seattle

7. My brief but fruitful stint managing Seattle’s best country dance band Davidson Hart Kingsbery

8. Underwood Stables Club – dancing, good eats, drinking!

9. On Some Faraway Beach – Brian Eno bio

10. My new gig @ Light In The Attic Records!


Chris Early
Warehouse Manager (Seattle)

1. Rivers Levon Early!

2. 1-2-3-4 Go Fest

3. Unwound: Kid Is Gone

4. Marcos Valle – S/T

5. Califone – Stitches

6. Huichica Festival

7. Honey Ltd.

8. Phosphorescent – Muchacho

9. Versicolor

10. Yo La Tengo @ The Fillmore


Jack Sills
Social Media/ Radio /Film & TV licensing

1. Getting hired on full-time at Light In The Attic… so very proud to work for such an amazing label

2. 10 days in Hawaii with family, surfing and hanging….currently wishing i was still there.

3. Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series, Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) - Easily some of Dylan’s best recordings

4. Being apart of the Lee Hazlewood Industries box set 

5. My new/old motorcycle – 1974 Honda CB125

6. White Fence – Cyclops Reap

7. Willie Nelson at the Hollywood Bowl.

8. FYF Fest – Hands down the best festival in California

9. Both of my sisters weddings!… Finally

10. Grubbing lobsters and oysters in Mexico

11. Finding my center and vibing on I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music In America 1950-1990