2017 Year-End Extravaganza!


Matt Sullivan – Founder/Co-Owner (LA)

(1) Acetone @ Zebulon, November 15th
(2) Hadley Lee Lightcap by Sam Sweet
(3) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ The Theatre at The Ace, June 28th
(4) The Vietnam War - Ken Burns & Lynn Novick (PBS)
(5) The Muppets Take The Bowl @ Hollywood Bowl, September 9th
(6) The Black Angels - Death Song (Partisan Records)
(7) Hiroshi Yoshimura - Music For Nine Post Cards (Empire Of Signs)
(8) Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness (Basin Rock)
(9) V/A - Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa (Ostinato)
(10) V/A - The Voyager Golden Record (Ozma Records)
(11) Total Chaos: The Story Of The Stooges by Jeff Gold (Third Man Books)


Brad Tilbe – LITA Record Shop Manager (Seattle)

(1) Meeting Krist Novoselic

(2) The return of John Maus

(3) Sub Pop Records releasing the U-Men’s entire recorded output

(4) LP reissue of The Circle by the Wipers

(5) Discovering the Polish band Batushka

(6) Discovering the German band Rope Sect

(7) Paul Major’s Feel The Music LP & book

(8) The Record Shop making Seattle Met Magazine’s “100 Best Little Shops” list

(9) A new found affinity for red grapes

(10) Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9

Scan 7

Jackie Allen – Publicity/Marketing (LA)

(1) My birthday in Savannah/Tybee Island under a full moon with good buds.

(2) Lynn Castle (above): the person, the music, the magic

(3) Larry David

(4) Acetone and everything associated with them: Sam Sweet’s amazing book, Hadley Lee Lightcap; recording the LITA Podcast in Mark Lightcap’s 1984 Volvo Station Wagon while driving through the hills of Highland Park; the music I’ve discovered because of all of this (Jerry Cole, JJ Cale, Hui Ohana, The Dick Slessig Combo); their live show with Hope Sandoval.

(5) Learning about herbalism & Tarot

(6) Roasted sweet potatoes

(7) Atlanta, GA and all the good things and good food there, particularly Ria’s Bluebird and the chili mac n cheese from Fox Bros Bar-B-Q.

(8) A wonderful and somewhat harrowing experience hiking the Bridge To Nowhere Trail in Azusa, CA with my favorite trail guide.

(9) Bishop, CA & the Benton Hot Springs Inn (and my renewed love of jerky).

(10) Not getting into grad school.


Jon Treneff – Sales (North Carolina)

(1) Traveling a lot
(2) Staying home
(3) The ongoing Popol Vuh reissue campaign
(4) Mdou Moctar – Live and Sousoume Tamachek LP
(5) The floodgates finally opening for Japanese reissues
(6) Rocky Mount Mills
(7) The Proper Ornaments – Foxhole LP
(8) Weird rural NC estate sales
(9) New car!
(10) Shintaro Sakamoto – Love If Possible LP

Jack Sills – Film & TV Licensing (LA)

In no particular order…

(1) Horseback riding through tobacco fields in Cuba.

(2) Trip the Greece. Specifically record shopping in Athens. Hanging on the beaches of Crete. All the foods in Greece.

(3) Acetone w/ Hope Sandoval @ Zebulon

(4) Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973

(5) Thunder Cat - Drunk

(6) Psychic Migrations Original Soundtrack

(7) PBS’ “The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick”

(8) BADBADNOTGOOD – LateNightTales

(9) Kerry James Marshall show at MOCA

(10) New York trip with LITA fam   unnamed

Patrick McCarthy – Project Manager/Producer (LA)

(1) Sing It High, Sing It Low Tumbleweed Records anthology finally coming out. Took many years and to have it out in the world feels very good.
(2) James Kerry Marshall: Mastry exhibit at MOCA. Beautiful, scary, celebratory, sad, jubilant, and essential.
(3) Asana to manage all of our projects. Was a big deal to transition from Evernote/Docs hybrid system, but all seems smooth now.
(4) Amazing pedal “Infinite Jets Resynthesizer” by Hologram Electronics. Just plug some stuff into it and start recording.
(5) The “return” of The KLF aka The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu aka The JAMs. Not really a reunion…more of a continuation I suppose. #WelcomeToTheDarkAges
(6) Even A Tree Japan folk/rock comp. Another one for the history books.
(7) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at the Greek, June 29, 2017. If you saw him on this tour, then you know what’s up. I’ve seen him solo a few times, but this was another dimension.
(8) Some new TV shows and films that I loved: 20th Century Women, Get Out, Patti Cake$, Blackish, Better Things, I Am Not Your Negro
(9) Tom Petty passing away was a big deal for me. His music has really been part of the soundtrack of my life. Feels very wrong that there will be no more.
(10) Celebrating 10 years with my wife, Jeannine.
(11) One of my favorite albums this year is Thundercat Drunk. Sounwave produced tracks are a particular favorite. Thundercat is visionary.


Pat Thomas – A&R/Producer (LA)

(1) got to see Van Morrison perform several times

(2) discovering incredible music from Japan via LITA’s new series

(3) my book “Did It! Jerry Rubin: An American Revolutionary” finally came out

(4) eating breakfast at Canter’s every week

(5) Trump hasn’t killed us, yet

(6) throughly enjoyed Joe Hagan’s biography of Jann Wenner & Rolling Stone magazine

(7) loved the Netflix documentary: Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold

(8) joined Instagram

(9) most people still return my phone calls

(10) the Dream Syndicate reformed and made a new album

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 9.51.32 AM

Emilee Booher – Film & TV Licensing (LA)

(1) Moving to Los Angeles

(2) Getting a job at Light in the Attic

(3) Attending the Women’s March

(4) Seeing Michael Nau play 3 times

(5) Going to Pickathon

(6) Helping Jonathan Richman get a wristband for his dog in order to attend a concert

(7) Being a part of the Acetone/Hope Sandoval show

(8) Befriending Madelynn Von Ritz aka Lynn Castle

(9) Singing Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and Eagles songs in a bar with Grant and Jim James during an intense jukebox war with other bar patrons.

(10) Feeling more collective days of sunshine than ever personally experienced within a year’s time



Yosuke Kitazawa – Producer/Mechanical Licensing (LA)

(1) Even a Tree Can Shed Tears: It’s amazing to finally see this get released and read all the great press coverage and reviews – definitely one of the top highlights of the year.

(2) Meeting Kenji Endo: The warm and relaxed conversation I had with Kenji, just two weeks before he passed away, is something I’ll remember and keep in my heart forever.

(3) Guitar Wolf at the Viper Room: The best jet rock’n’roll band in the world still puts on a helluva show, with the 50+ year old Seiji sweating and strutting and spitting out more energy than young pups half his age.

(4) Neil Young – Hitchhiker: Great stripped down versions of songs that made it onto his later albums, plus a few great songs never heard before. Reminded me how powerful his songwriting is.

(5) Ryuichi Sakamoto: In addition to his great new album async, I really got into all the amazing things he’s done over the years outside of the more well-known soundtracks. Really love B-2 Unit and Esperanto in particular.

(6) McCabe & Mrs. Miller: Never appreciated this great Robert Altman film until this year, when watching it after visiting some Northern California gold rush towns made it seem so vivid and poignant, made even moreso by the Leonard Cohen soundtrack.

(7) Cats – After considering myself a dog person most of my life, I think this is the year when I also became a cat person. RIP Donkey.

(8) Dodgers: I’ve always had an on and off relationship with the Dodgers – this year was definitely on, and it was super exciting to see them play their first World Series since 1988, the year I went to my first-ever game at Chavez Ravine.

(9) Trump protests – Great to see so many people come out in solidarity against the least respectable president in my lifetime and to fight for our rights — from the Women’s March, the airport protests, to the immigrant rights march and so many others that I couldn’t make it to.

(10) Trip to the Salton Sea/Bombay Beach – Most surreal experience to stay in a funky double wide trailer AirBnB owned by a real life Italian prince, whose father’s life supposedly inspired Fellini’s La Dolce Vita.


Lydia Hyslop – Zine Master/Copy Editor/Etc. (North Carolina)

(1) Penning an essay for our reissue of THE COWBOY & THE LADY.

(2) My baby taking his first steps
(3) Feeling irie in NEGRIL, JAMAICA
(4) Going to ESTATE SALES - Weekend fun for the whole vintage-obsessed family!
(5) THE BEEFMASTOR INN Wilson, NC - No menu. They slice off your cut of steak right at the table, and it’s grilled to perfection by the time you finish your classic salad-bar salad. Tailgating in the parking lot is mandatory. Wine in a to go cup = my spirit restaurant.
(6) NC BREWERIES - It’s a lifestyle. Eastern NC faves: Rocky Mount Mills, TBC, Duck Rabbit
(7) Starting renovations on my 1980 AIRSTREAM EXCELLA after many years of waiting and dreaming
(8) CAPITAL CLUB 16 – Raleigh, NC - Always delicious. Recently mind-melted by their annual “Game Week” menu: elk chop and duck mac and cheese—and my one-year-old tried both!
(9) THE BUNGALOW TIKI BAR - Sunset Hill, Seattle - Uncle Robb makes the best dranks!
(10) LA DOYERS - But too bad the boys in blue blew it…


Abby Goldsmith – Sales (Seattle)

(2) Mort Garson -  Mother Earth’s Plantasia Reissue
(3) Discovering Cindy Lee and The Maria Bamford Show
(4) Kicking off LITA’s Japan Archival Series
(5) The Breeders at The Showbox (AND they played Amps songs)
(6) Table Sugar from Olympia
(8) Chris Kraus’ After Kathy Acker
(9) Twin Peaks: The Return
(10) Jordan Peele’s Get Out
(11) Millennium Dance Complex dance videos


Katie Martin – Orders/Everything (Seattle)

(1) Morgan Parker’s There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé

(2) Music From Nine Post Cards

(3) SZA’s Ctrl

(4) Kristen Liu-Wong and our Nasty Gal t-shirt illustration

(6) Soul searching solo in Joshua Tree
(9) Feed!
(10) Guayaba & PSA at Kremwerk