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Weekly Distro Roundup with Jon Treneff!

Thursday, June 12th, 2014


Happy Father’s Day week! Here at LITA World HQ (LLC, Inc. ) we feel the mixed emotions you may be going through leading up to this most holy of days. Namely, what to buy for the Dad who has everything, and hates everything he doesn’t have? We feel your pain, my brethren! But no matter who yer daddy is this year, we’ve got something to put the spring back in his Buster Browns! What’s that you say – YOU’RE the Daddy here?! Even better! Treat yourself, Big Papa!


Staple Singers – Uncloudy Day / Will The Circle Be Unbroken? / Swing Low

Hallelujah! After decades of basically ZERO presence on vinyl, Mississippi brings the Staple Singers back into the 12″ realm. These are exact repros of the famous family’s first three albums, and as important to gospel and American music as Johnny Cash or Loretta Lynn were to country. Though they went on to great Top Ten chart success in the ’70s with the Stax label, these early Vee-Jay recordings are arguably their most enduring legacy. Far from the typical soul-groove recordings still heard on the radio today, these records are basically (barely) electrified Southern spirituals – minimal and haunting songs stripped to the marrow, with only Pops’ Staples heavily reverbed guitar and his offspring’s heavenly voices holding the music aloft. Timeless, transportive hymns that transcend decades, centuries, and tastes. You need this in your life.


Guy Skornik – Pour Pauwels
(Lion Productions)

Big SKOR for fans of French pop – and eccentric art-pop in general! Guy Skornik was a mystic explorer, gifted musician, and member of the forward-thinking Popera Cosmic collective. When he wasn’t busy presenting television reports on Eastern mysticism and LSD, he was recording orchestrated prog-pop, culminating in 1970′s Pour Pauwels LP. Inspired by counterculture hero and author Louis Pauwels’ revolutionary bestseller The Morning of the Magicians, Pour Pauwels is a heady concept album that manages to forge all of Skornik’s interests into a classic of French prog-pop. Right up there with Serge Gainsbourg’s Melody Nelson and the trailblazing work of Jean-Claude Vannier. Limited to 500 and going fast!


Country Lips – Nothing To My Name
(Country Lips)

After years of road-testing in the West Coast’s top dives and speakeasys, Seattle’s rowdiest sawdust stompers bring forth their debut album. What’s all the ruckus about?! These guys pretty much spell it out for you in the name – COUNTRY music, with a lotta LIP!!! Rolling through nine members deep, this wrecking crew takes the M.O. of ’70′s outlaw country a la Willie, Waylon, and Johnny Paycheck and cranks the foot-stompin’ factor up to 11! Incredibly, Nothing To My Name manages to translate the energy of their raucous live show to wax, while spotlighting the group vocal harmonies that can get lost in the heated moment of a live hootenany. Get your summer off to a proper rip-snortin’ start!

All titles mentioned above are available through our online shop or at our Seattle record shop (913 NW 50th St., Ballard). The shop is open Friday 12-8pm and Saturday 12-4pm.

Weekly Distro Roundup with Jon Treneff!

Thursday, June 5th, 2014


Shadoks vinyl!!!  Shadoks vinyl!!!  Shadoks vinyl!!!  Shadoks vinyl!!!  Shadoks vinyl!!!  We’re over the moon over here!  After all, it’s not every day (or life, for that matter) you get the chance to work with the esteemed and legendary Shadoks label! Shadoks has been at the forefront of amazing boutique psych reissues since boutique psych reissues were just a glimmer in yer pappy’s aviator shades. Every release is a hand-made, painstaking labor of love, with high-quality packaging, sound, and liner notes – in strictly limited editions of 500.

We have stock on the ENTIRE Shadoks vinyl catalog, as well as the fresh slices highlighted below -  all making their debuts on North American shores!  Check the website for the full rundown.


Ernan Roch / Lazarus  / Young Flowers 

Ernan Roch’s La Onda Pesada is one of the great lost Mexican psych-folk classics.  Sung entirely in English, this has a laid-back West Coast groove that we might incline to call “folk-funk,” a la Relatively Clean Rivers, but with fuzzed-out guitar leads that will ring the bell of Quicksilver Messenger Service freaks.  So good!  Lazarus showed up with far more ambitious plans on their impossibly rare debut.  Imagine Soft Machine or Caravan recording a concept album about Lazarus coming back from the dead as a hell-bent zombie and you’re on the right path.  Killer hard-blues/psych – the sound and playing on this is out of this world!  Any heavy head will tell you - Young Flowers were THEE definitive Danish psych/blues act, and “Blomsterpistolen (flower pistols)” is their masterpiece.  Heavily influenced by Hendrix, Cream, Canned Heat, and the like, this record holds it’s own, with an insane guitarist and heavy musical lifting across the board.  There’s a whole world out there – stop and smell the blomsterpistolens!


L’Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes – L’Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes
Le Kene-Star De Sikasso – Hodi Hu Yenyan
Amadou Ballake – Bar Konon Mousso Bar
Woima Collective – Frou Frou Rokko
(Kindered Spirits)

New mother lode of African reissues par excellence from the always reliable Kindred Spirits folks. L’Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes and Le Kene-Star De Sikasso are two peas in a pod, showcasing the movements of some of the scene’s key players. The Mali orchestras worked much as the jazz combo might have worked on this continent – as a revolving door and training ground for young players to cut their teeth in an established group before casting off to form their own combos. Both of these records feature slightly altered combinations of the same players, and follow the same strange, magic thread – sounding as natural as the dirt under foot, and completely unlike anything of the known world. Like catching a phantom satellite signal on your transistor radio, under the sheets.

Amadou Ballake and Woima Collective are the then and now of rambunctious Afro-beat. Mr. Ballake was a James Brown-indebted wailer from Burkina Faso. Bar Konon Mousso Bar was a massive hit in his homeland, for good reason – this whole record is a scorcher that warms up at 360 degreez and just keeps going from there. Top shelf! Woima Collective are an offshoot of German Afro-soul-beat revivalist ground-floorers, Poets of Rhythm (check Daptone’s boss vinyl anthology), and probably one of the more real-deal units doing it, to our Mrs. Dash-seasoned ears. Hotter than a dutch oven in Georgia!


The Vampires – The Vampires Underground
Edip Akbayram – Edip Akbayram
(Pharaway Sounds)

Stop us if we’re windbagging – but it’s been awhile! So many new jams, and they’re all worth your time! Both of these new Pharaway platters are gonna blow doors on your next Go-Go shindig – trust! The Vampires Underground is by far one of the most obscure, and strangest, psych-funk exploitation albums ever. A band of Indian guys in East South Africa playing instrumental psych-garage-surf-funk, The Vampires put their unique stamp everything from “Unchain My Heart” to “Funky Broadway,” making it their own with fuzzed-out guitars, bongos, and a killer rhythm section. The best kind of great record – an accidental one. Along with Erkin Koray and Baris Manco, Edip Akbayram is one of the Big Three when it comes to Turkish delights. This is an exact repro of his debut album, and a totally essential psych-fuzz tome for any and all of the above. Woo-hoo!

All titles mentioned above are available through our online shop or at our Seattle record shop (913 NW 50th St., Ballard). The shop is open Friday 12-8pm and Saturday 12-4pm.

Weekly Distro Roundup with Jon Treneff!

Thursday, April 17th, 2014


Easter tidings to you and yorn! In the spirit of rolling away the stone, we’ve got a trio of heavy ones catching some overdue rays on their pasty white bods. No matter what your spiritual denomination or de-motation may be today, I think we can all agree that everyone looks better bronzed in a bikini. So brush that cave dirt off your shoulder and go soak it up! You only live twice.


Simon Jones – Melanie & Me
(Strawberry Rain)

Melanie & Me was originally pressed up in a miniscule run to promote an Australian film of the same name, whose single 1975 screening became as much a rarity as the album. The good news is that Jones’ soundtrack plays just as well without the intended visual accompaniment, riding on a billowy cloud of atmospheric psych-folk that recalls everything from early Neil Young to Mike Nesmith’s bucolic, stunning concept album The Prison, to modern day off-shoots from the Japanese branch office, Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Nagisa Ni Te. A standout from the always-on-point Strawberry Rain label.


John Harrison – Creepshow soundtrack

Wow – Waxwork went whole-hog on this one! All you horror enthusiasts will know the Creepshow soundtrack was never officially released at the time, going missing for nearly 30 years. Lucky for us, the tapes were uncovered and restored and are now finally seeing the light in this deluxe reissue. Beyond the audio restoration, the packaging is gorgeous, featuring a booklet attached to the gatefold with art, interviews, and liner notes from George Romero and John Harrison. The full monty!


Twilight Nuages – Twilight Nuages
(Folk Evaluation)

Really unique and heartfelt DIY pop, and unlike most records you’ve heard lately. Twilight Nuages was a Connecticut high school teacher and a rag-tag team of his students coming together to make some truly transcendent homemade sunshine pop. For anyone familiar with the Langley Schools Music Project record re-issued a few years back, this will be icing on your muffin. Joyful, heartfelt transmissions that recall the insulated naiveté of the early Elephant 6 scene. Shine on!

All titles mentioned above are available through our online shop or at our Seattle record store (913 NW 50th St., Ballard). The LITA record shop will be open on RSD, April 19th, from 9 am-5 pm.There will also be a 25% off sale on any non RSD products, along with some sweet giveaways throughout the day. 

Donnie & Joe Emerson – Still Dreamin’ Wild: The Lost Recordings 1979-81 | Pre-order

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014


Donnie & Joe Emerson - Still Dreamin’ Wild: The Lost Recordings 1979-81
LITA 115 (LP | CD | Digital)
Available: June 17, 2014
Pre-order Now!

Some people have to wait for fame; some people wait even longer than most. Donnie and Joe Emerson are in a league of their own.

As teenagers in Fruitland, Washington in the late ‘70s, the farming brothers dreamed of being heard. The synthesizers were sometimes crude and the 8-track recorder had its limitations, but the brothers aimed at nothing short of perfection in their home studio on the farm. They titled their 1979 debut Dreamin’ Wild, and, as multi-instrumentalist Donnie later admitted, “Joe and I basically lived the dream of the title of the album.” The same goes for their parents who heavily believed in their sons’ musical dreams, taking out a second mortgage on the farm and investing $100,000 in a dream that refused to die. But their privately funded, private press record sank without trace, the family lost most of their 1,600 acre farm, and as Joe focused on the family farming business, Donnie focused on his solo career.

As for Dreamin’ Wild, things began to change three decades later, when record collector Jack Fleischer bought a copy of the album for $5 at a Spokane thrift shop. Something about the brothers’ smiles, bouffant hair, and matching white jumpsuits gave him a good feeling. Fleischer’s blogging about the album brought it to the attention of cult musician Ariel Pink, who recorded his own version of standout track “Baby.” Eventually re-released on Light In The Attic and widely available for the first time, the album chimed louder a lifetime after its conception: Pitchfork described it as a “a godlike symphony to teen hood.” The New York Times flew out to the family farm, while Jimmy Fallon took to Twitter to proclaim his love for the duo.

But Dreamin’ Wild does not tell the full story. In a relatively short span of time – just two and half years – the boys put close to 70 songs down on tape, all recorded at that magical home studio on the farm. A dozen of them are included here on Still Dreamin’ Wild: The Lost Recordings 1979-81 and ready to be enjoyed for the first time ever. With a familiar blend of FM rock, power pop, and new wave, these 12 tracks cover the entirety of that fruitful period, stretching from the second song Donnie ever recorded (“Everybody Knows It”) – to tracks documenting his temporary move to L.A. in 1981.

Donnie’s life story is in these songs. Where Dreamin’ Wild captures the teenage experience, Still Dreamin’ Wild tells a broader story, one in which teenage dreams turn to painful yearning. So where the Beach Boys indebted “Ooh Baby Yeah” is inspired by a teenage girlfriend, “Big Money” shows the emergence of a naive political awareness. Later, 1981′s “One True Love” captures the sound of what Donnie described as “the city as imagined from the farm,” and the epic closing track, “Don’t Disguise The Way You Feel” found Donnie after high school, feeling stifled and frustrated in the isolation of the countryside and mourning the loss of his friend and occasional backing vocalist Dwayne. It is, quite simply, heartbreaking.

The long-belated success of Dreamin’ Wild has given the Emerson brothers – still close, and still the heart of a loving family – a new lease of life. They’ve finally taken their music on the road, performing at Seattle’s Showbox followed by New York’s Mercury Lounge. Still Dreamin’ Wild proves that the album wasn’t a fluke, and that Donnie’s songwriting is as consistent as it is rare. All this time later, we finally have the pleasure of hearing the brothers’ music. And the good news? They’ve still got the jumpsuits.

* Photo by David Black

  • First ever release
  • All tracks newly re-mastered from original tapes
  • LP housed in a deluxe Stoughton “Tip-On” gatefold jacket
  • Liner notes by Jack D. Fleischer, interviewing Donnie & Joe
  • LP includes download card
  • Color vinyl editions (comes with a “Jingle Demo Reel” 7″ featuring 4 unreleased jingles Donnie wrote for local Washington businesses back in the day)
    - 200 on “Snow White” wax + 7″ ( LITA Vinyl subscriber exclusive
    - 500 on “Baby Blue” wax + 7″ ( pre-orders exclusive – limit 2 per customer)
    - 100 on “Red/Black Shag” wax + 7″ (LITA Shop exclusive – limit 2 per customer)

Stream the track “Ride The tide” from Still Dreamin’ Wild: The Lost Recordings 1979-81 below…

Weekly Distro Roundup with Jon Treneff!

Thursday, March 27th, 2014


Why’s the man always tryin’ to keep us down?!  After taxes, social security, insurances, extractions, pet acupuncture, and new swaddling threads, we barely have two quarters to rub together for half a taco on the dollar menu.  It’s enough to make us wanna DROP-OUT.  For good!  This week we pay tribute to the weirdos, outsiders, and straight-up ahead-of-their-timers who didn’t give a flyin’ fig for the central scrutinizer and his rules – including the original WTF-er’s – creepy old white people!

Spike – Orange Cloud Nine
(Golf Channel Recordings)

Hot tamales! Just when we think there can’t possibly be anything left in the abandoned mine of forgotten/outsider/pop-weirdos…well, don’t look down – it’s a pit of SPIKE! Spike was a lone gunman in the profile assassination plot if ever there was one. An officially certified “fool” (by the Dutch government), Spike Wolters was a drop-out of all things drop-out-able. But instead of frittering away his unlimited free minutes playing Mario Kart, he got down to recording four home-made LPs of staggering originality and imagination. Orange Cloud Nine collects the best of these recordings and makes a pretty unimpeachable case for sticking it to the man, forever. Spike perfected a form of lo-fi, instantly memorable pop groove that brings to mind Ariel Pink, Cleaners From Venus, or Dire Straits on acid. Seriously amazing stuff here, and one of the more exciting, out-of-nowhere finds we’ve come across in awhile.


Various Artists – Anthology of American Folk Music Vol. 1-4
(Mississippi Records)

Big week for blowing it out of the water here! Mississippi went and did what they were born to do and reissued EXACT reproductions of Harry Smith’s indispensable Anthology of American Folk Music compilations! Each volume is two LPs – all sleeved in beautiful cloth-bound reproductions of the original packaging – including the booklets! That’s already three exclamation points, I know – but these records deserve it (!). Unavailable on vinyl for years, and never with the painstaking attention paid here, these are beyond essential documents of the Old Weird America. Highly limited, one-time limited pressings here. Get in touch with your haunted past before it disappears again forever.


Icecross – Icecross
(Rockadrome | Lion Productions)

Rippers Alert: Heavy shreddage on board! Icelandic skull-bangers Icecross unleashed their sole slab of raw power in the pivotal year of 1973 (the best year for music, according to sources). Neither punk nor metal were totally a “thing” yet, but this Arctic blast of insanity managed to channel the dark girth and complexity of emerging stoner bands like Black Sabbath while predicting the raw, fevered intensity of the punk scene to come. There’s also more than a hint of early Blue Oyster Cult and the Detroit garage contingent in here, somehow forging a totally unique take on all of these inter-related yet disparate influences. Incredibly obscure for decades, this is a heavy MUST for heavy heads.



George Brigman – Jungle Rot
(Obscure Oxide | Lion Productions)

The label describes this as “the sound of broken Baltimore,” and from the album cover depicting a young Brigman (monster doobie in lip) posed amongst the ruins of an abandoned building, to the fried sounds housed within, we can’t argue one bit. Jungle Rot was conceived in 1975 by the teenage Brigman as a conceptual tribute to British psych-blues band The Groundhogs. While the ‘hogs influence can certainly be felt, this is a distinctly American take on it – meaning way more punk and garage – and home-recorded. More psychedelic and blues-y than The Stooges, too raw and damaged for traditional heavy blues-rock fans, Jungle Rot also had the misfortune of arriving just a nose or two ahead of the punk movement – ensuring that the audience for this was limited to the pile of rubble on the album cover. Psych/Punk/Blues before you even knew!

All titles mentioned above are available through our online shop or at our Seattle record store (913 NW 50th St., Ballard).

Medical Records | 2014 Record Store Day Releases

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014


Record Store Day 2014 is just around the corner and Medical Records is gearing up to release two exclusive titles celebrating the classic disco of 1980s Italy. First up is a very special hand-picked selection of early singles, as well as previously unreleased on vinyl tracks by Alexander Robotnick (aka Maurizio Dami). Maurizio Dami was one of the pioneers of the disco/electronic scene since the early 1980s. The first single on the record is “I Wanna Believe”, which was released under the moniker Gina & The Flexix in 1985 on the legendary Fuzz Dance label. It is a rare 12″ single featuring a dance-floor stomping beat, melodic synth leads and female vocals. The other single on the compilation is the 7″ version of “C’est La Vie” which was released in 1987. Most of the LP is comprised of tracks recorded from 1982-1984, which have only been released on CD in 2003 on the Rare Robotnicks compilation. All the tracks have been remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage in the UK. This is a special collection that will appeal to the “Disco Freaks”, or for fans of classic Italo disco and fans of the Medical Records reissue Ce N’Est Q’Un Début. The album comes pressed on 180gram transparent blue/purple colored wax!



Next up is a very special compilation of rare and highly sought after 12” singles of Italo Disco that were originally released on the legendary Fuzz Dance label. This is volume 2 of Medical Records’ Electroconvulsive Therapy series which celebrates rare singles in the synth/wave/disco genre. The first single is Trophy’s “Slow Flight” (vocal + instrumental versions), released in 1982. A very hard-hitting percussive track with very interesting production that is quite gritty yet smooth with it’s vocoded vocals and synth melodies. The second single, which is probably the most rare is Zed’s “Plastic Love” (vocal + instrumental versions), released in 1983. Sultry female vocals and pulsing electro sequences make these two versions absolutely essential. The third is the vocal and instrumental versions of “Hesitation” by Mya & The Mirror, producted by Alexander Robotnick (Maurizio Dami) with female vocals. Also included as bonus tracks at the end of side A and B are Mon Bijou’s “Just a Lover” and Naif Orchestra’s “Check Out Five”. This comp is for fans of the classic/synthy side of Italo Disco (i.e. Casco, Sun La Shan, Amin Peck, etc). All the tracks have been remastered by Mino Cavallo with additional mastering and restoration by Martin Bowes at the Cage in UK. The album comes pressed on 180gram striped “Italian Flag” colored vinyl!

Bobby Charles – “Bobby Charles” | Out Now!

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014


Bobby Charles – Bobby Charles
LITA 111 (LP)
Out Now!

Now available: Bobby Charles’ 1972 self-titled album! Bobby Charles pioneered the musical genre known as ‘swamp rock’ – he wrote the early rock n roll classic “See You Later, Alligator” (best known via the version by Bill Haley & the Comets). Another early gem penned by Bobby Charles was “Walking to New Orleans” as recorded by Fats Domino. He also appeared at the legendary “Last Waltz” concert in 1976 – in which he performed “Down South in New Orleans” accompanied by The Band and Dr. John.

The album features 10 Bobby Charles classics supported by his friends Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, and Richard Manuel of The Band, long time Neil Young sidekick Ben Keith, Bob Dylan’s former running mate Bob Neuwirth, session maverick Amos Garrett, the esteemed Dr. John, Geoff Muldaur and several others.

This is the first time in decades that this seminal album has appeared in its original vinyl LP format! The has been re-mastered from the original tapes and is packaged in a beautiful gatefold sleeve!

Weekly Distro Roundup with Jon Treneff!

Thursday, February 13th, 2014


WHAT?! – did somebody say CUPID!?! In honor of this most cherubic (fat) of Gods, we have an EXTRA erotic Distro Spotlight cooked up this week. Whether it’s Doom Rock, Hardcore, or Geek-Pop that gets your baby’s blood pumping, we’ve got something to thread that bow with! Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you too…


Iron Claw – Iron Claw | 2xLP
(Rockadrome/Lion Productions)

Stop – It’s The Claw! Anybody? Anybody? The point is, these jamz will stop you in your TRACKS. At least if you’re the type who prefers your doom enshrouded by a layer of humboldt fog (not the cheese) and a black, cracked leather jacket. Iron Claw slithered to life as the world’s first known Black Sabbath cover band and eventually moved into writing their own material in the mold of their heroes. This is super raw, and heavy as heaven – the blueprints for what we now know as Doom Rock. Hooded robe required for entry.


Hysterics – Can’t I Live? | 7″

Whoa. This one explodes like a pipe-bomb from the first minute and doesn’t let up! Hysterics are four ladies out of Olympia who are generating some of the fiercest, most uncompromising punk we’ve heard since the Reagan Administration. Six devastating blasts that bring to mind the golden age of hardcore – from Minor Threat to Negative Approach – this lil’ piston can seriously hold it’s own in the company of any Top 5 Hardcore EPs of All Time list you’d care to assemble. Hold my suspenders, I’m going in the (circle) pit.


Dude York – Dehumanize | LP
(Help Yourself)

We turned-on to Help Yourself when they unleashed the excellent Chastity Belt LP last year, which soundtracked many a summer barbeque and trash-talking sesh around these parts. Dude York proves that the HY label domos may just have a knack for this so-called record label thing, plucking another rare specimen out of the NW wilderness. Dehumanize takes up residency in the long lineage of nervous nerds with guitars – from Jonathan Richman to early-Weezer. Many have passed through here, many have lost their way – distracted by the In-n-Out sign, presumably. Keep your eyes on the road and your hand up (on) the wheel.


Laurence Vanay – Evening Colours | LP
(Lion Productions)

Christ, ok – I’m exhausted too! There’s been some anxious listening in this week’s pile – so let’s take it down a notch and just chiiiilll, baby – ok? We crowed about the first Vanay record, Galaxies a couple-three weeks back, but like my old man always said “I love you both equally…but I like your brother more.” So it goes for Evening Colours – the sophomore effort from Jacqueline Thibault. As we noted before, the DNA for latter-day detached and moody Franco-phile acts like Stereolab and Broadcast can be found in these records. To these (golden) ears, Evening Colours has the edge – even more stripped-down and sublime than it’s predecessor, with a playful spirit that lets it glide over the sand trap of “serious” music.

The Brothers and Sisters – “Dylan’s Gospel” | Pre-order!

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014


The Brothers and Sisters – Dylan’s Gospel
LITA 106 (CD | LP)
Available: April 1, 2014
Pre-order Now!

All of us here at LITA are very excited to announce the release of Dylan’s Gospel by The Brothers and Sisters!

Of all the great back catalogs in the history of rock, Bob Dylan’s is among the most covered, his acolytes ranging from The Byrds to Adele via Manfred Mann and Guns N’ Roses. But something tells us you haven’t heard anything quite like Dylan’s Gospel by The Brothers and Sisters, a choir of Los Angeles session singers brought gloriously to the fore for a very special, one-off record.

Originally released in 1969 on Ode Records, this rare and sought-after album finds the California collective covering a clutch of Dylan classics in the era’s revolutionary gospel style. Produced by Lou Adler, soon to work his magic on Carole King’s mega-successful Tapestry, and arranged by Gene Page, noted for his work for Motown, the performers were largely unknown, but many went on to find great acclaim. Merry Clayton, the powerhouse singer best known for sparring with Mick Jagger on Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” (and star of the recent documentary 20 Feet from Stardom), appears here, as does Edna Wright of The Honeycones and Gloria Jones who recorded the original version of “Tainted Love” in 1965.

The cast of 27 singers also includes Ruby Johnson, Shirley Matthews, Clydie King, Patrice Holloway, Julia Tillman and more. The tracklist includes some of the best-loved Dylan songs from the singer songwriter’s most productive decade, including “Lay Lady Lay”, “All Along The Watchtower”, “My Back Pages” and “Just Like A Woman”.

The genesis of the project was Lou Adler, the music business visionary who staged the legendary Monterey International Pop Festival. He imagined a project that combined the songs of Dylan with L.A.‘s most sought after session singers, most of which began their singing in the Baptist churches of South Los Angeles. “Listening to Dylan’s songs, I felt there was a gospel-like feel to them, both spiritually and lyrically,” Adler says in the liner notes. “So those two ideas, to work with these singers and to explore that side of Dylan – came together.”

Presented in this long-overdue reissue is an often-overlooked album and a must for Dylan fans. The word of Dylan has rarely sounded so stirring.

You can watch our short doc below, featuring interviews with Lour Adler and Mary Clayton…

Free Basin’ Friday | Goblin – “Roller”

Friday, February 7th, 2014


TGIF!!!! Today for Free Basin’ Friday we’re givin’ away a LP of Goblin‘s Roller! The album was the second record for Goblin and is one of the few Goblin albums that was not intended to be a soundtrack. Roller is considered by many to be their best effort!


As mentioned earlier Roller is one of the few releases by Goblin that was not a soundtrack. So for a chance to win, come up with film treatment (lets say three sentences) for an imagined film with Roller as the soundtrackThe most creative submission wins! One submission per person. The winner will be chosen next Friday via email.