Rare Betty Davis interview in The Guardian/Observer on the new “Bitches Brew” reissue

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010


Here at Light In The Attic, we’ve had the supreme honor of reissuing several of Betty Davis’ landmark albums from the 1970s. While it’s well known that she was married to Jazz icon Miles Davis, in a rare interview (set up by yours truly) with Neil Spencer of The Guardian/Observer, she reveals her influence on Miles’ groundbreaking 1970 album, Bitches Brew.

Click HERE for the full article on the 40th anniversary Legacy Edition of Bitches Brew, out now on Sony Legacy.

2 Responses to “Rare Betty Davis interview in The Guardian/Observer on the new “Bitches Brew” reissue”

  1. Love41another says:

    She is a huge staple in the music industry, just like Miles. She may of went through some turbulent times with it, but she should feel justified.
    She released music that you can’t find anywhere else, but her LP’s.

    Thanks for setting this one up!

    I’m hopeful when i look at the 2007 re-issue of her albums and then a 2 year gap before the release of Nasty Gal and Is It Love Or Desire in 2009. Something in 2011?

    It would be a major event for me and countless others.

    Betty is one in a million. A special talent in the likes of other major legends. It’s just a crime that they made her make alternative decisions and prevent us from hearing her artistic progression that was present on Is It Love Or Desire with the use of synths etc. The mind boggles as to where she would of gone…..As others have said, it’s never too late. Her like before or her on production only, it’s never too late.

    Thanks for the interview and thanks to Betty and Miles for blessing us to this day.

  2. get download says:

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