Holi-daze continues!

Just got this in from our man in the Great White North, Sipreano, and ooooooh weeee it’s got our wreaths a’whirlin’.

The Mighty Pope (he of the JTOT series) performing live with The Sadies live on the CBC’s Hour Holiday Music Special.  Chiggity check out “White Christmas”, it’ll blow your stockings off.

Kevin, to you we hand the microphone.

The Sadies (November 24, 2009).
Photos by Kevin “Sipreano” Howes
WOW! I’m still spinning, a little dizzy like, and dreamy about it all. From the ashes of Jamaica to Toronto comes Canada’s soul brother #1 The Mighty Pope with none other than cosmic country and tough R&B brethren The Sadies LIVE on CBC’s The Hour Holiday Music Special. For you international LITA fans, the CBC is our very own national broadcasting corporation (aka a BIG deal). They needed a like-minded yet eclectic pairing of real music people to celebrate the holiday season and boy, did they get it! I was lucky enough to get myself over for this historic meeting/performance which taped in November and the results were aired on PRIME TIME Canadian TV last night (December 21). Here’s to more musical magic between these artists, but in the mean time, here’s a little Xmas cheer for folks everywhere, an inspired take on Otis Redding’s version of “White Christmas.” With love, from The Mighty Pope and The Sadies.
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