Most of you should know who Mark Pickerel is. Original drummer for The Screaming Trees, the fourth member of Nirvana albeit briefly, hell, Wikipedia even claims that his name has taken on its own meaning, as in “pulling a Pickerel”. He’s a well known individual and a close friend of Light In The Attic.

That’s why were more than happy to shower a little love on Mark’s newest project, Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands. If you were lucky enough to attend SXSW you might’ve been even luckier and had the chance to see this Pickerel-fronted experience, a sort of raw mix of country and rock and roll that absolutely killed.

Well, Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands have recently, okay semi-recently, released a debut album entitled Snake In The Radio that’s getting all sorts of acclaim. And you, loyal reader, should most certainly check it out.

If that’s not enough Pickerel to tide you over, you can also check out The Tripwires, in which the one, the only Mark Pickerel plays drums.