La Paloma

If you’ve been paying attention to our website, or are smart enough to be on the receiving end of our sometimes weekly newsletter, than you’ve probably heard about LA PALOMA and the six disc La Paloma series recently released by German wunderkinds Trikont.

Well, recently, our stock of La Paloma albums was depleted when a single customer purchased 50 copies of the fifth disc in the series. Curious as to why any one person would need that many copies, we contacted the buyer and discovered that buyer’s father is actually Harry Koizumi, one of the artists from the compilation (song 4, volume 5).

On top of this, Harry is featured in a recently put together documentary entitled La Paloma on the origin and proliferation of this amazing song. In the film Harry is both interviewed and performs the famous song. So far the film is playing in only limited runs in select cities across the country, but here’s hoping it gets a wider release.