We know, we’re a record label, not an art collective.  But thanks to the good folk at the amazing VSL, Not-An-Intern Noah stumbled across the amazing tiny art of Thomas Doyle and he just needed to share.  Here’s what Not-An-Intern Noah had to say:

Thomas Doyle makes dioramas, tiny, beautiful dioramas.  Not like the macaroni, cotton ball and bird feather versions of Moby Dick you used to throw together as a kid, no these are bizarre stories intricately pieced together.  Stories of love and death and entrapment, but in a way that stirs my imagination not throw myself from a building.  Like that Van Gogh guy always makes me.  Man, that guy was a downer, chopping of his ear and all that.  Makes me want to cry.

Oh wait, yeah Thomas Doyle, he’s awesome, you’ll love him.  Check him out right HERE.