We’ve been busting our asses lately around here. Last month it was Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators. So far this month we’ve put out the The Blakes Streets EP, and September 25th sees the next entry in to our Jamaica to Toronto series (Summer Records Anthology). October 6th is the release date for the full, ass-kicking, LP by The Blakes (and a sure to rock two-part record release … more about that later).

So, yes, we’re a little tired, a little worn down, but damn near ecstatic to be delivering great music to the ears of discerning music lovers. And, truthfully, we’re just as happy to be garnering some serious press from across the nation. Press that looks like this:

Nicole Willis in XLR8R


“Willis’ covers the gamut of ’60s- and ’70s-era soul and funk without ever placing a foot fully in the ‘retro’ camp.’”

Summer Records Anthology in Seattle Sounds and Relix


“This may seem like a niche release, but exploring the dark corners of reggae history frequently yields nuggets of gold.”

The Blakes in Seattle Sounds

TheBlakes Seattle SoundThe Blakes Summer Records 2

“Has grimy, guttural garage rock ever sounded this sexy?”

By the way, those last three scans … all from the same magazine. Who loves Light In The Attic? Seattle loves Light In The Attic.