Amoeba DJ set wrap up!

Thanks to all the friends and fans that came out on Saturday for our DJ set at Amoeba Music (Hollywood). We rocked it hard and had beaucoup fun to boot. Special thanks goes out to our bros and brodettes at Ameoba–Kara Lane, Daniel Tures, Joel Isaac Black, Mahssa TaghiniaMorgan Young, and all the rest of the awesome staff!

Also a big shout out to our give-away winners! The first dude that got the Michael Chapman Fully Qualified Survivor LP ran away before we could snap a pic (he litterally ran up, grabbed the record, then ran away! dude was stoked!). The next lucky fan was chill enough to score a Michael Hurley Have Moicy! LP and give us a big smile for the camera:

@Not_YouAgain snagged "Have Moicy!"

Here are some more sweet pics from the Amoeba staff. Check out their site for more shots. Tanx for the memories!

Matt (left) cueing up. Patrick (right) looks on in awe...

Patrick (r) laughs off yet another one of Matt's (l) crazy moves...

smiles for miles