This is a really special edition of Around the Attic, for us and hopefully very much so for you. We’ve been harassing a variety of people over the last few weeks trying to get them to compose, well, something for our Around the Attic. As always we baited our shiny little hook with paper Monopoly money and the ever-present promise of fame and it looks like we landed ourselves a whopper.

You may know Johnny Horn from his absolutely fantastic KEXP show Preachin’ The Blues that airs every Sunday morning from 9:00 to noon. You could know him from his Thursday night dance party (WICKED and WILD Dancehall Thursdays) at The War Room. Or maybe you know him from work he’s done for little old us as a producer, engineer and straight up musician.

No matter how you know him, you’re about to know him a little better. Introducing, the likes, the loves, and the creeping underwater fears of Johnny Horn.

I am infatuated/enthralled/scared to death of the deep sea. I cannot be alone in a swimming pool without thinking of the sharkpool fight scene from Thunderball, and even wading in a murky ocean is only tolerable briefly. Too bad because I hear waterboarding is all the rage. Nonetheless I watched Shark Week like a madman last time it ran on cable and have collected many photos of scary and messed up sea animals. I get a creepy feeling like something’s behind me when I look at them. Sharks and rays are beautiful and perfect while being ugly and terrifying. What really makes my mind race are the freshwater coral, sharks, rays and other sea species that inhabit the Amazon’s murky depths, but that is a whole different tangent…

A few months ago I spent at least four hours at Maui Ocean Center, gawking at tiger sharks, reef sharks, hammerheads and every possible tropical fish inches away from my face (behind very thick glass in beautiful re-creations of ocean conditions). The rush I felt being eye to eye with them was like when you “get air” in a vehicle or when someone says they wanna fight you. Scary but incredibly raw- guess I should try scuba diving in Hawaii or Australia or somewhere but I never will for obvious reasons- till then I will keep enjoying squids, sharks and rays at a safe distance (RIP Steve Irwin) and share a few of these images with you-

A few of my recent faves-
aa. Mexican Institute of Sound- Piñata (very creative chopped samples)

bb. Salaam Remi remix of Alicia Keys & Jr. Reid “No One” (he flipped “Stalag” in a brand new way underneath her crazy hot vocal)

cc. Dexter on Showtime (likeable psycho killer works as forensic cop)

dd. Chris Goldfinger, Robbo Ranx and Dotun Adebayo on BBC website (up to date dancehall and reggae)

ee. Jimmy Lewis “The Girls From Texas” (ex-Drifter sings about razor-toting cuties)

ff. Lloyd Jones “Rome” Moodisc (wicked reality lyrics about slavery over snappy reggae soul beat)

gg. Summer Records Anthology 1974-1988 L.I.T.A. (imaginative, atmospheric reggae from Toronto)

hh. Wailers “Guajira Ska” (from that new rarities cd on Heartbeat)

ii. Sex Pistols on Craig Ferguson (Steve didn’t say shit, but John GOT DOWN!)

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

jj. The Colbert Report (Barak said he couldn’t picture Stephen Colbert eating grits, problem is no-one can picture Barak eating grits either)

kk. Fort Saint George (hipster style Japanese food and bar in Seattle’s International District)

ll. Chaka Khan featuring Mary J. Blige “Disrespectful” (a blistering duet from two of the music’s baddest mamis ever)

mm. It Came From Memphis by Robert Gordon (a book and cd put out by Pocket Books that is full of messed up stories and photos of sixties & seventies Memphis)

nn. Jah Martin “Kung Fu Part 1”/ The Upsetter “Kung Fu Part 2 (rhythm is recut “why must I” by Heptones- obscure dj on A, hilarious lovers scenario with Scratch and a girl on B)

It’s a damn shame how much I have grown to depend on Protools, Serato and my MPC, but no use looking back, gotta keep on pushing to payday- Good things have gone on the last few months, including cuts in Style Wars Revisited, Yumi and Seeing Psychic Sally, and some remixes for Sarathan Records.

Me and Tobias Flowers (evil tambourines) cut some tracks on Texas soul singer Charles Van Zandt and are putting together enough for a whole release- Charles is still in fine form and just got noticed on the snobby collector circuit for his “Love Land” 45 which we are re-pressing.

Big things going on with Mossburg Records down in Austin, they are putting out our Notables Xmas 45 featuring Lynval Golding of the Specials, alongside dub releases by Dub Fanatic, Stoned Genius and Hi Fi Killers.

Gotta get back to the lab- take it easy- Johnny Horn