Somehow, someway, we here at Light In The Attic keep pulling in some of the coolest people around to help us out each week with this increasingly cool column. We won’t say it has anything to do with Hypno-Brain Gun we purchased at a recent flea market, or the threatening clamps of our Thug-o-Bots, but lets just say, somehow we’re getting good people to tell us what they’re feeling.

And this week is no exception. Our good friends Nick Heliotis and Sarah Moody have recently been put in charge of the up-and-coming Sub Pop spin-off label Hardly Art (which features fantastic bands like Arthur & Yu, and Le Loup) and they’ve been nice enough to allow us a peek in to what they, trend-setters both, are digging on.

It’s a long one, but well worth the read. Lady and gent, the floor is yours.


For Light in the Attic. Hey Nick, how about you start this train.

Nick is into:

New York City/CMJ

Whoa. That is one hell of a city you got there. Nice to find an American city with a palpable air of history about it (probably my own fault for growing up on the West Coast where nothing is more than a hundred or so years old). Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (as cheesy as it may be) was one of the most exciting things I have done in recent memory. Doesn’t hurt that I was the weather was beautiful and I was there with one of those special some-ones.

CMJ was the reason I was in New York (and maybe part of the reason I enjoyed myself so much). And boy was it a time. Highlights (besides the obvious one–hanging with Le Loup and seeing them play a half dozen times in venues ranging from record stores to the Bowery Ballroom) include:

Williamsburg/Park Slope/Brooklyn in general — FOALS! Check this band out-you will want to be able to say you knew about them now when they are huge in a few months. I saw them three times in two days and was absolutely blown away — Seeing friends who have relocated from Seattle — Bumping into friends from Seattle who were in town for CMJ (including one Matt Sullivan of Light in the Attic) — Making friends with pretty girls from Seattle who were in town for CMJ — Hanging with delightful Sub Pop friends — Tons of (mostly) free shows—including the Finches, Coathangers, Deerhunter (who I am pretty much convinced are one of the best bands of our generation), No Age, Foals, Le Loup, and (Sarah’s new favorite) Yo Majesty — The Lower East Side — Getting really excited about meeting Eugene Mirman at the Bowery Ballroom, bumming him a cigarette and then drunkenly forgetting to meet him outside to smoke


Quite a change from the big city…but there is something interesting going on down in Auburn. Some sort of little scene has sprouted, apparently largely unnoticed by folks here in Seattle proper. Two of my very very favorite bands of the moment come from Auburn and are painfully underappreciated by Seattle tastemakers (be they critics, other musicians, label folks, that pretty girl that works at the bar or whatever), namely Wallpaper and the Shadow People. Check them out—they have a firmer grip on guitar-pop than any Seattle band in recent memory. This is what it sounds like when smart kids with good taste and better instincts make pop music.

Foggy Notion by the Velvet Underground—someday someone will agree with me that this is the best rock and roll song of all time and I will love that person forever. Or O! Sweet Nothin’—I suppose that would be close enough.


The Flight of the Concords

For example:You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
Oh and rain…I have been really into rain lately.

Also Google which you should use to look up all those bands that I mention above because I am too technologically inept to provide links…..

Sarah is into:

old 78s – there’s nothing quite like being able to spend a few hours in the basement of Bop Street Records in Ballard, going through and sampling whatever 78s you can find. I love the weight, the surface noise, all of the tiny mistakes that made it onto each recording. One of these days I’ll find an old Victrola of my very own, but until then, Bop Street is a-ok by me. Or at least until I start sneezing. This site is also pretty amazing, tons of streaming mp3s taken from old cylinders:

Hollow Earth – incredible, local, online independent radio. They have tons of live recordings from local bands, plus interviews, great/awkward dj banter, and a smattering of found sound and answering machine messages. They broadcast from noon to midnight every day. It’s the perfect audio grab bag.

Graveface Records – an awesome label in Chicago run by my friend Ryan, and home to Black Moth Super Rainbow, Dreamend, and plenty of other great bands. They also put out limited vinyl releases for other groups. Dreamend has a new record coming out sometime early next year, and you can preview a song here: I think they’re a 6-piece now. It’s all wonderful.

Pho – sit me in front of a big bowl of veggie pho and I will be happy.

As for records – Benoît Pioulard (one of the best and most criminally overlooked from last year), Marissa Nadler (beautiful), Good News box set, the Supremes (always), Jana Hunter, Wipers…

And also, this guy:

…but that’s more of a constant thing.

That was amazing. Simply amazing. Thank you Sarah and Nick.