Alright, it’s Friday morning, we’re all tired of the work-week, and what’s better to soothe the pain of cubicles and fluorescent lights then … RANDOM MUSIC RECOMMENDATIONS!

So, we sat around a campfire with an, er, “peace pipe” and wrote down this “impressive” list of what exactly, we the good folk at Light In The Attic are listening to … RIGHT NOW!

Hope you enjoy!

Emily (New Media, Baker of Cookies)

T.I.’s — “Paper Trail”

In my top 10 for 2008….soooooo goood!

Matt H. (Distribution, Hall Monitor)

Oasis — Dig Out Your Soul

Gallagher the Elder is back in full Morning Glory form.

Noah (New Media, Sniffles)

Delta Spirit — Ode To Sunshine

They play a song a trashcan!  That song is called “Trashcan”!

Kate (Pretty Much Everything, Steely Visage)

New Kings of Leon, despite all the shit they got for it.  The Ra Ra Riot album, Solomon Burke, Otis Redding, Nina Simone, and even Joni Mitchell.

Josh Wright (King of Distribution, Shady Dealings)

Fela Kuti – Lagos Baby

Matt Sullivan (Co-Owner, Confusion)

Mad Men Season One

So, well, there you have it.  Hope this gets your drunken orgy of a weekend off on the right foot!