AROUND THE ATTIC: Techmonkey Noah

After a considerable amount of whining, wheedling, and, we’ll be honest, the theft of some, er, unseemly pictures, Techmonkey Noah has finally convinced us to let him do an edition of Around the Attic. Though worries of flung doo-doo and smeared bananas floated in our thoughts, Techmonkey Noah managed not to play with his own excrement for a little over half an hour, just enough time to compose this list of music, books, and movies he’s been digging as of late.

That’s a good boy Techmonkey Noah, a good, good boy.

For your enjoyment the primate scribblings of Techmonkey Noah:

Hahahahahaah, look at that monkey punching that guy in the face! I tried to convince the dictators who run this joint to post that as all five of my favorite things, but was soundly rejected. Instead I had to pick five things I actually like. Just know this: pictures of monkeys punching people in the face? Best thing ever.


What Techmonkey Noah Is Listening Too:

The Shaky HandsS/T

No matter what any stupid, tight-pantsed hipster tries to tell you, Seattle is cooler than Portland on all levels. Except for number of aggressive crackheads and moochy hipsters, Portland you have us beat there. Still, The Shaky Hands come from Portland, and this debut LP is one of the musical highlights of my year so far, so maybe there’s something say about that junk heap of a burg.

Probably not though.

Throw Me The StatueMoonbeams

The Stranger really lost some baby batter over these guys in a recent issue, and though I usually trust those elitists like a pedophile on Halloween, it was a well written article. Turns out Throw Me The Statue are absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. Like Postal Service with cajones. Don’t think it’s changing my tactics on The Stranger’s opinions though, just this once, ONCE, they were right.

The High Strung

I haven’t been entirely impressed by the studio albums these guys have put out, but after six or seven, er, drinks I stumbled in to these guys set before Dr. Dog and was absolutely mind-blown. I was so excited that I tried to dance, but the alcohol swimming through my veins made me just sort of heavily fall in to people. I also believe there was some energetic “hooting” on my part not exactly appreciated by the surrounding crowd. Drinks aside, these guys are the real deal.

What Techmonkey Noah Is Reading:Richard K. Morgan

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a huge geek. Comics, too many movies, an occasionally blazed game of Magic: The Gathering (VERY OCCASIONALLY), and Richard K. Morgan is like black tar heroin to me. I’ve only read Altered Carbons but I’m pretty sure that the nice ladies at the library are going to call the cops on me next time I show up in their lobby screaming “Why is my fucking Richard K. Morgan book still in transit? I want IT NOW.” Hard boiled, noir sci-fi set in a world where people never die, they just get downloaded back in to “the stack”. Brutal gunplay, steamy sex, a bad-ass named Takeshi Kovacs – I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. And by goosebumps I mean I’m putting on my backpack and heading down to the old library to do myself some yelling.

On an unrelated note, I just read Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre and was so underwhelmed it hurt. How could the Brits give this shit the Man Booker? I haven’t felt more betrayed by the British since the Revolutionary War.

What Techmonkey Noah is Watching:

The Criterion Collection

If you consider yourself a film-natic whatsoever and you haven’t invested some serious time perusing the catalog of The Criterion Collection, you’re a poser and shmuck. I personally, am currently attempting to watch, in order, all 400 and something movies they’ve released. You know, not every single one of these immaculately transfered, packaged, cared for films is exactly my cup of tea, but each and all is well worth the time spent watching. Everyone I know refuses to even use the word “criterion” anymore around me, because it’ll just send me in to a frantic bout of raving about how much I love this fucking company.

And I’m not the only one. Head on over to and you can read all the top ten lists of all the important people who love the shit out of these guys. They’re great, words can’t describe my lust, er, love for the anything adorned with this amazing label. I’ll stop now, I’m sorry…

Man all that happy love-love shit really tuckered this monkey out. If anyone needs me I’ll be playing with my own poop and eating my own fleas.

Thanks for reading!