Around the Office w/ Bob Husak from THE BLAKES

You know how we vaguely promised in the first column that there was always a possibility that one of the amazing bands from our label would take a brief moment from their busy schedules and do an Around the Office of their own? And you know how we were just talking out of our asses so we could continue to tempt and seduce you in to coming back week after week to see if a band member had posted their favorites of the week merely to up our measly readership?

WELL, it turns out that our bullshit was actually founded in reality! It’s only week two of Around the Office and already Bob Husak, The Blakes manimal of a drummer, has submitted to us five various things he’s digging that he thinks you should be digging too.

the blakes

You can call us a lot of things, but liars? Oh no.


What Bob’s Listening To:

Martin Denny


If you weren’t at the Shell Bar on Oahu in ’57 to witness the birth of Exotica, then you may not comprehend the awesome power of the soothing sounds of Martin Denny.

What Bob’s Watching:

Professional Wrestling


It’s a little-acknowledged fact that big, sweaty men in tights pretending to fight is America’s greatest cultural contribution.

Hardcastle & McCormick


“DRIVE! Push it to the floor ’til the engines scream! DRIVE! Drive it like the demon that drives your dream….”

What Bob Likes Historically:

World War I


Generals have tea and scones in plush chateaux while fellow countrymen perish in filthy trenches a few miles away. The gold standard in ridiculousness.

Which Set of Seven Wonders of the World Bob Likes:

The ORIGINAL Seven Wonders of the World


Because the Colossus of Rhodes could destroy Christ the Redeemer with one punch.

There you have it.

Thanks again to our good friend Bob Husak from The Blakes (check out their new EP Streets). Keep on coming back, who knows what wild guest we’re going to have next week.