We received such a positive response from last week’s “celebrity” edition of Around the Office (featuring Bob Husak, drummer for The Blakes) we decided to extend our little arms to see if we could wrangle other known entities to tell us what they’re watching, listening to, smoking, high-fiving, etcetera, etcetera. We baited our hooks with false hopes of fame and fortune, and threw out our lines

And it worked. This weeks Around the Office was submitted by Canadian renaissance man, Sipreano. He’s the mastermind behind our absolutely awesome Jamaica to Toronto series (the whole thing), a former writer for Vancouver’s Georgia Straight weekly, an avid (see: obsessive) music collector and historian, and a local DJ. On top of all that our resident office compliment-giver Kate Peterson claims, he’s “very nice.”


sipreano face

What Sipreano’s Feeling?

Black Mountain and Jamaica to Toronto live at Pop Montreal, October 3rd – 7th, biking, haircuts, AKG K 324 headphones, making burritos (not grilled), Paragon country, drawings by Robert Dayton, photos by Kelly Claude Nairn, Chris Frey, and Chris Gergley, Dexys Midnight Runners – Searching For The Young Soul Rebels look, scanning archival images, future jamming, 1777rex…

What’s Sipreano Listening To?

1) Various Artists – Summer Records Anthology 1974-1988

Sound + vision from Jerry Brown’s Malton, Ontario, studio and label. Reggae, Reggae, Reggae…

2) Radio Berlin – Glass

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Older, but new to me post-punk from now defunct Vancouver crew featuring Chris Frey (The Book Of Lists, Destroyer), Josh Wells (Black Mountain, Lightning Dust), Jack Duckworth (Primes, JJ Wax), and Lyndsay Sung (Ice Palace, Pink Mountaintops)…

3) Anything on ProgQuebec reissue label

Contraction – s/t, Charles Kaczynski – Lumiere de la nuit, Yves Laferriere – s/t, Maniege – Ni Vent… ni nouvelle, Toubabou – Attente

4) Rock And Hyde-“Dirty Water”

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Shit video, but this song was my summer mantra…

5) Lucas Sideras – One Day

Solo LP from Aphrodite’s Child drummer. Rad 70s rock that makes me feel good…

What’s Sipreano Watching?

TV – The Hills

LC 4 life (wink, wink)… (ed: Agreed!)

Film – Skip Tracer

Raw CDN film from the late-seventies depicting the trials and tribulations of a collections agent. Known as Deadly Business in the US…

What’s Sipreano Eating?

Dinner at The Mighty Pope’s…

What’s Sipreano Dreaming About?

Directing From Yard To Yonge: Jamaica To Toronto documentary, producing Doug Randle’s Songs For The New Industrial State CBC reissue for LITA, Japan…

Thank you Sipreano!

By the way we’re lining up some great, great people to tell us what they’re in to. So … you should keep checkin’ us out.