Attic Projector | Big Boys 1980 Live in Austin!

Here at LITA we’re always diggin’ through the past to find forgotten gems. Today we’re shining a light on this video we found on YouTube of the Big Boys performing at a street fair in Austin, TX in 1980. Biscuit is wearing a crocheted red tank top and Tim is sporting the Frasier Crane… his hairline only slightly less receded than it is now. (Smile.)┬áThe grainy video and shots of the crowd will take you back like Doc Brown, to the first year out of the 70s. A groovy chick is juggling in the shade, and a member of the Phogg Foundation for the Pursuit of Happiness is interviewed at the end. What’s the foundation’s secret to happiness? Beer. According to our sources, the Phogg Foundation is still fighting the good fight, trying their hardest to end this ruthless war (on drugs).

Learn more about their cause here.