Baby’s First Jams!



In honor of our children’s compilation, This Record Belongs To ____, we here at LITA all wrote about the first music we ever loved. And we made a YouTube playlist of it all! Gotta say, it’s a pretty awesome and very ecclectic playlist — especially if you like The Beach Boys… Check it out and share your earliest music memory! Oh and check out our children’s comp & Third Man’s portable children’s turntable while you’re at it!




  • Michael, Director of Operations: Peter, Paul & Mary – “Puff the Magic Dragon.” That was the first concert my parents took me to, at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. They had a giant Puff come out on stage during the song. Jim Henson was probably puffing something… my parents certainly were!  Ah, the memories.


  • Seth, Warehouse/LITA Record Shop: Vince Guaraldi – Peanuts music, Simon & Garfunkel – Greatest Hits, live Beach Boys, but mostly this dumb orange colored Disney Christmas cassette. I’d sit in front of the Christmas tree and listen to ‘wacky’ Disney Christmas songs over and over with headphones. That was probably my earliest psychedelic experience.


  • Jackie, Social Media Manager: I was very into my family’s CD of the Sleepless In Seattle soundtrack- highlights include Gene Autry’s ‘Back In The Saddle Again,’ Tammy Wynette’s ‘Stand By Your Man,’ and Jimmy Durante’s ‘Make Someone Happy.’ Also, my mom’s Bonnie Raitt and Anita Baker cassettes. And last but perhaps most importantly, LINDA RONDSTADT… I remember drifting off to Linda’s voice on morning car rides to elementary school when it was actually cold in Los Angeles (it happens) and I was bundled up in a big jacket with the car heater on. I still put Linda on when I can’t sleep.


  • Lee, Accounting: Music was everywhere when I was a kid, and all over the genre map. I spent a lot of time listening to mom’s Mothers Of Invention records (even though I was too young to really “get it”, lyrically). The first thing that came to mind when I saw this question was “Freak Out,” the first Mothers of Invention album, so I’ll have to go with it. “Who Are the Brain Police” is my chosen track, although they all have pretty equal significance…

AMPAS Gold Standard Series

  • Morgan, Orders: My first music memories came from TV and movies, since like most people my age from the Midwest, I was raised by the television. My favorite movies were The Labyrinth with David Bowie (the song “Magic Dance”) and Nightmare Before Christmas (I still know all the words to every song in this movie). I also watched a lot of music videos on MTV and VH1 back in the day.


  • Willa, Warehouse:  Oof. My favorite childhood CD was probably Disney’s Dog Song compilation and my two favorite tracks off of it were ‘Me and My Arrow’ by Harry Nilsson and ‘I’m Gonna Buy Me A Dog’ by The Monkees. Good times.


  • Lydia, Girl Friday:  Being pulled around in my little red wagon jamming to the Disco Mickey Mouse cassette. “Macho Duck” was my tune.



  • Jack, Film & TV Licensing: As a kid growing up in the ‘burbs of Southern California we had lots of pool parties. Some of my earliest memories of enjoying music were during these parties. This was the early 90s and my parents were really into Neil Young’s album Harvest Moon. I have many fond memories of listening to that album while playing in the pool with my cousins. Must be why I love Neil so much. Also, my mom was heavily into Buena Vista Social Club and Gypsy Kings so I weirdly feel nostalgic towards them as well.


  • Chloe, Project Assistant: When I was around 4 my mom and I became very obsessed with Toni Braxton’s self titled album (of course this mainly means “Breathe Again”). We would listen to it on repeat while we drove around town doing errands etc. and sing (yell) it together. Road trip music on our yearly drive to Montana to see my cousins and aunt was Steely Dan all the way. Nothing goes with the open road like yacht rock.



  • Patrick, Project Manager: First concert was The Cure in Philadelphia on August 6, 1987. The Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me tour. I remember people being dressed weird and a giant video screen with a person’s lips and they were applying red lipstick (like the album cover). Thanks to the internet, i know the date, set list, encores etc, as well as the history of the stadium, Spectrum, as it was then known. I also remember my sister’s cassingle of “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals. I liked the song and the graphic of the tape. She had some sort of pink and blue cassette player and it matched the art of tape.


  • Stephanie, Publicist: As a young child, I was instantly drawn to pop icons, Madonna and Michael Jackson. Cliche I know, but I remember dancing to Madonna’s “Borderline” at Beverly Hills Sports Camp circa 1989. I loved every track from ‘The Immaculate Collection‘ along with MJ’s “Thriller” on vinyl because well that’s the only record we had. When I was five and started watching MTV (I have an older brother), I was all about Vanilla Ice. Everyone was doing the “Running Man.” Those were the days.