Bet your bottom dollar

‘Cause tomorrow, tomorrow it’s motherfucking BUMBERSHOOT time.


The wait is finally over. The long minutes have ticked away. Tomorrow starting at 12:00pm, the largest music festival in the Northwest will be upon us. Menomena, Lupe Fiasco, Gogol Bordello, Devotchka, and so many more will grace the various stages, all for your enjoyment.

In these moments of ecstatic release though, let us not forget what is truly important:

The Saturday Knights are playing the Esurance Stage, Saturday at 4pm.

The Blakes are playing the Sound Transit Stage, Monday at 2pm.

Both of these shows will rock you until you are unable to find your socks.

The next three days ’twill be glorious, and we here at Light In The Attic implore you to be safe and to enjoy, and respect, the fucking music.

We hope to see you there.