This is big news. Big, big news we’ve been waiting on for a very long time. We’ll let Matt Sullivan, co-owner and genuinely nice guy tell you just what it is:

“Earlier this year, SCION asked Light In The Attic to be involved in their latest remix project, along with four other record labels: VICE, Greensleeves, Ninja Tune, and Strictly Rhythm. For the Light In The Attic remix, they took on the original 1973 Betty Davis track “If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up” — featuring a collaboration between original Betty Davis producer and Sly & The Family Stone drummer Greg Errico and Raashan Ahmad and Headnodic of Bay Area hip-hop group Crown City Rockers. Greg played and recorded new drums for the track, while the Crown City Rockers rap over the track. “


We’ll be getting a limited number of copies of this absolutely mind-blowing cut at the end of the week. So for a brief amount of time, with every online store order, Light In The Attic supporters will be scoring a free copy.

Don’t miss out on this, or you. Will. Be. Sorry.