Our good friends American Apparel, they who clothe the youth of today, have partnered up with Viva Radio and Anthology Recordings for what you, discerning fashonistas you, might think is pretty choice.  From now until whenever, walk in to most American Apparel stores in the USA and you’ll be able to purchase one of the above Betty Davis tees, screen-printed with the iconic photography of former Rolling Stone chief photographer Baron Wolman.

Along with this purchase you’ll also get a digital copy of an Anthology Recording’s curated compilation featuring Ms. Betty Davis herself, as well as Karen Dalton, Telegraph Avenue, Bill Quick and many more.

C’mon, you’ve already got thirteen American Apparel hoodies in all the colors of the rainbow, what’s one more Betty Davis sportin’ tee going do to your pocket book?

For girl’s fitted shirts, go HERE.

For men’s fitted shirts, go HERE.

For a little more Baron Wolman go HERE.