Betty, oh, Betty

In all the hype of Bumbershoot and the release of the new Blakes EP, and the upcoming release of the Summer Records Anthology, I’ve neglected someone I truly love:

Betty Davis.

Sweet, sweet Betty Davis, with her window-rattling funk bass, and her take-no-shit-from-you holler. How could I ever forget you? I haven’t, and neither should you because of the rest of the world certainly has not. recently placed Miss Davis in their Top 25 Countdown, quoting Carlos Santana in saying, ‘Madonna is more like Marie Osmond compared to Betty Davis. [She] was a real ferocious Black Panther woman. I can see why Miles was very attracted to her.’

Uh huh. You got that right. And that’s not all.

Rhino Records, purveyors of wonderful re-issues from every corner of music history, deemed They Same I’m Different as one of their Rhino Recommends album, saying, ‘Among ’70s Funk aficionados, Betty Davis is something of a Fakahatchee Orchid: truly rare, exquisite, and without peer.’ You can read the whole, exquisitely written review right here.

Just wanted to remind you: the world loves Betty Davis, and so do we.