Big Light In The Attic Showing in OXFORD AMERICAN

Oxford American is a quarterly literary magazine featuring works of writing by southern authors or works of writing about that grand old place, The South. Even though it originates in Oxford, Mississippi (and we’re trying not to hold that against you), around these parts it’s considered a top notch publication. The most recent issue is there yearly Music Issue, and, aw shucks, gee wilikers, they did some pretty weighty write ups on both Betty Davis and Karen Dalton (giving us a few shout outs in the process). Not only that, but they put songs by Betty, and Ms. Dalton on the accompanying CD.

Oh Oxford American, if only you could see our shit-eating grins.

For you, our fans, the articles:

oxford2karen dalton oxfordoxford karen text

oxford cd

oxford betty davisoxford betty textoxford text 2