Bite In The Attic | Eric Bell’s Thin Lizzy Veggie Chili


Just in time for that last cold snap of the season! Eric Bell of Thin Lizzy gave us a recipe for a twist on veggie chili! Eric’s version is chock-full of non-traditional chili veggies like cauliflower and mushrooms, includes seasoning packets for both Bombay Potatoes and Chili Con Carne, AND is best served atop whole wheat pasta (we used No Yolks whole wheat egg noodles) with a dollop of sour cream. We were skeptical about it at first, but turned out to be flavorful, hearty, and pretty darn healthy. We made a double recipe and it fed everyone in the office for weeks! May we suggest Thin Lizzy’s Shades Of A Blue Orphanage to start out your cooking soundtrack? Only $10 as part of our Spring Cleaning Sale! Or hit up YouTube for tons of in-shred-ible footage!

From Eric:

MY recipe..Boil some Super Slinky guitar strings
Only joking

OK…this is my take on a chili.
What you need….a cauliflower
3 Carrots
large red onion
7 mushrooms
3 spring onions
2 cans of chili beans in chili sauce
1 can chopped tomatoes

Pour some cooking oil in a large pot .heat this and put in
chopped cauliflower..carrots cut in match sticks..chopped red onion..
mushrooms sliced..and sliced spring onions. heat this while stirring
with wooden spoon.for a minute.
Then add the 2 cans of chili beans,and can of chopped tomatoes.
Then, add a tablespoon of paprika,at/spoon of turmeric and at/spoon
of garlic powder into a cup and add a little water and stir into a paste.
Add this to the pot,and mix well.
Then,add a packer of Schwartz Chili con Carne recipe mix
and a very small amount of Schwartz Bombay Potatoes recipe mix. (Note: we ordered ours from!)
Cook very gently for a hour or so,stirring it every so often.
Then,stir in Quorn vegetarian mince ..about 3/4 of the packet
and simmer for 20 minutes. It’s Ready.

I serve this with wholewheat pasta,and a spoon of sour cream
on each plate. Tell John and Gregg from Masterchef I’m available.

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