Black Angels & Roky Erickson at Austin Psych Fest!


Time to get trippy! Austin Psych Fest is just around the corner. Load up your van with LSD and body paints, open your third eye,  and blaze your way to Texas. Along with our buds, The Black Angels & Roky Erickson, there will be tons of great bands to get stoked on. Such as: Spectrum, Clinic, Black Bananas and TONS more.

Spanning the full range of the psychedelic spectrum, the festival honors the past while magnifying the modern vanguard of mind expanding music.

This year the festival will be held at Carson Creek Ranch, a gorgeous 58 acre landscape nestled on the banks of the Colorado River just five minutes from downtown Austin! This is the first time in the fest’s six year history that the show will be held at a completely outdoor venue, with on site camping available so the party doesn’t have to stop when the show ends!


And don’t worry if you’ve already emptied your piggy bank for SXSW or Coachella, because this year Austin Psych Fest is offering lay-away on weekend passes! Pick up your tickets today at - and whether you make it to the festival or not, be sure to check out The Black Angel’s new album, Indigo Meadow, available now!


Black Angels ON TOUR NOW! Head to for dates and info!