Bob’s Blog 09.27.2007

Here we go again:

Man, I’m doing one of these every day? Well, we’ve laid drums and bass for four more tracks today and we’re working on guitars as I write this. This will bring the new song total up to eleven. My gosh, now that’s productivity. As Snow’s fond of saying, “[insert productive activity] is much better than sitting on your duff watching Will & Grace.” He doesn’t ever specify a particular season of Will & Grace, however. Like, could I gauge my industriousness based on the quality of the episode I’m not watching? And what if, instead of not watching Will & Grace, I’m not watching MacMillan and Wife, therefore depriving myself of a Rock Hudson fix. The ultimate sacrifice! I drank more Busch while recording this morning–I can’t tell if it makes my drum tracks better or not. That’s all right, B. Brown will fix any clams in the mix. It’s like my good friend Buddy Rich says, “I’m up there working my balls off while you motherfuckers clam all OVER the joint!” I think that’s all I have for you today. Wait, I have to recommend something on You Tube. I was in tears laughing at this. Here’s the link:

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Just so you get it right away, the guy who posted this dubbed in his own audio in place of the real audio. It’s genius.