Bob’s Blog 09.28.2007

Bob calling people ‘cheesedick’ makes us laugh. It should make you laugh too. Laugh jerk, laugh.

Okay, so the tracking is all done on eleven songs. Everyone did a bang-up job. The question is, is this our next album? Will we get dropped by Light in the Attic if our first album tanks, forcing us to buy back the masters? Will every song end up as a bonus track for Target, Best Buy, Starbucks, etc? Gee, I wouldn’t think so. Whatever the case, I think the kids will enjoy these tunes. And we love the kids. I read a crazy thing about Canadian rock chowderheads Nickelback today, namely that their latest album, released almost two years ago, remains in the upper reaches of the Billboard album charts and has to date sold 8 million copies worldwide, which apparently makes it not only their biggest-selling record, but also the bestselling rock record of the 21st century thus far. I didn’t even think rock bands sold that many albums anymore. My question: Who buys Nickelback records? Your working class, small-town, Walmart-shopping young mother? Is it the same folks that buy Rascal Flatts? That would make sense. Like it’s the go-to rock band for country listeners. I bet that Chad Kroeger’s a nice fellow. Still kind of a cheesedick anyway.