Bob’s Blog 10.15.2007

Things that happen in today’s edition of Bob’s Blog: fisticuffs, steamy love, hot hot chicken wings, and Bob learning the background dance for Mud’s “Tiger’s Feet”. We kid you not.

The Blakes have had a busy week, which is something we’d better get used to because we won’t be slowing down anytime soon. We were supposed to take it easy on Wednesday after the grueling hours we spent shooting the music video, but as usual some pressing business popped up. I can’t remember exactly what it was though. I know we stopped by Sandy and Peter’s place in Northgate to shoot individual interviews for possible use on the LITA site. They were thinking that they’d be able to mine rich material out of us if they got us each alone, without anyone able to talk over another. It seemed to work. Peter had also made a batch of his world famous hot wings, which he’d left marinating all night in his super secret sauce. It involves Ethiopian spice, that’s all I know. I’ll tell you what I do know: Those wings are heavenly. On Thursday morning we met with our new business manager, Gary, at Tully’s in West Seattle to go over the details of our new enterprise, Blakes The Band, LLC. It’s a tax shelter. We also went to Washington Mutual (I have a hard time calling it “WaMu”) to open a business account. Everything went smoothly. That evening we went down to the Gibson showroom in Pioneer Square to shoot an acoustic performance and interview with Channel M films, who make video packages for various retailers around the country to show in their stores. Gibson had a full Slingerland kit ready, as well as an acoustic guitar, an acoustic bass and a vocal PA. We’d never done an acoustic set before, even in rehearsal, so we learned on the job. I ended up playing the drums with my hands, and halfway through I ditched the kick drum. It worked out fairly well and I think they got some usable footage. The drinks were flowing by the time we did the interview, but I believe we acquitted ourselves well this time. Lars and Matt S. were there, along with our Gibson friends, Jenny and Kurt Bloch, as well as the Channel M folks and a few friends of friends.

On Friday we were at Jupiter mixing another new song with Martin. When I first got there, Martin played me a mix he’d made of a song we did live at the Vera Project and it sounded amazing. We’re going to sync it with the live footage and keep it in the vaults. The new song came together well, although Martin and I kept getting distracted by seventies Top of the Pops videos on You Tube. I’m something of an Anglophile, so I’m able to bring up some songs he hadn’t heard since he was a young English lad. Fun stuff. He taught me how to do the backup dancing for Mud’s “Tiger Feet.”

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That afternoon we drove up to Bellingham for the night’s show at a bar called The Rogue Hero. We first got some free burritos around the corner at another bar courtesy of the local opening band, who work there. The Keims started in on the whiskey, which was an ominous sign of where night could be headed. They don’t take well to whiskey for some reason. Anything could set them off while they’re under the influence of the corn squeezins, so one needs to tread lightly around them. We got a nice write-up in local What’s Up! Magazine, and the place was pretty well packed with your usual college-type crowd. Our set was highly energetic and chaotic (read: a little sloppy) but the kids ate it up. There were quite a few folks in the audience singing along. As soon as our show was over, this fat security guy got in Snow’s face about knocking the mics around, telling him, “you guys better cool off.” That did it. Snow was ready to fight the guy and Garnet almost jumped in, but somehow a brawl was narrowly avoided and the guy backed down. Then the next band were trying to hurry us off the stage and once again we almost had a scuffle on our hands. We finally got outside and tried to cool off. Bucketz, the booker, really enjoyed the performance and said he’d have us back any time. Snow’s new interest Megan (who we met onstage at the Croc when she came up to play tambourine) came up from Seattle with her sister and a couple of friends, and we stayed at her family friend’s house in B’ham. We drove out early Saturday and crashed out at the house in West Seattle. We took off for Yakima, AKA the Palm Springs of Washington, at around five, bringing Heather with us. The venue for the evening was the Yakima Sports Center, a decent sized bar and probably the best live venue of its kind within a hundred mile radius of it. We were supposed to be playing with the Village Green but they cancelled. We ordered some damn fine Salmon caesars and drank some beer and wine before taking the stage. Once again we had press, this time in the Yakima Daily Herald. And once again the place was packed. We played a nice tight set this time and the crowd was into it. Heather worked the attendees and sold quite a bit more merch than we did the previous night. We should take her on tour. After the show I met this girl named Kristen and we went back to her place along with several of her friends and drank beer until the wee hours. She’s a sweet girl, that Kristen. The next morning she took me for a scenic ride around Yakima on her motorcycle, a Honda Shadow. We drove back to Seattle early to drop off an amp at SIR and took the rest of Sunday off.