BOB’S BLOG 1.28.08: RENO!

Another one from Mr. Bob Husak. Boozin’, Reno, and Garnet’s attempts to pick up some “plus-sized” ladies.

So we made our triumphant return to the Satellite in Reno on Saturday. Same shit: Small space, very bad stage sound. It’s run by nice enough folks though, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. There was a better turnout this time around since it was a weekend night and all, and yet another Keim cousin turned up. Snow was a little tipsy during the set and he almost came to blows with a heckler; afterwards, he walked up to the guy and said, “anytime you wanna go, man….” Meanwhile, our trailer got paintballed with pink pellets. At least they spared the RV. Reno apparently contains an unsavory element that just wants to cause trouble. The Magic Bullets put on a solid show and I retired to the RV directly after their set. The Bullets ended up coming on board along with Steve Keim plus lady friends, even though we made a strict rule about not having guests in the RV since we all need our privacy. It’s all right though. Later on in the evening Garnet came back from a nearby bar and started screaming at Snow at the top of his lungs about something or other. Looks like we’ll need to reign in the drinking once again.

We had two days off after Reno so we took off toward wine country and ended up in Bodega Bay, where The Birds was filmed. We got the hang of cooking in the RV so we bought a ton of groceries with our per diems and you’ll be happy to note that we’ve been eating healthily ever since. Bodega Bay is quite picturesque, although it rained for the duration of our visit. During this time, we also became acquainted with the procedure of dumping the waste from the RV. We did it wrong and I ended up getting sprayed with filthy sewage water. Thought you’d like to know.

We played at The Crossroads in Fresno on Tuesday. They had a friendly staff but the venue was all wrong for us. It’s basically a big sports bar that would be better suited for aging blues guitarists and their ilk. The crowd was sparse, although we were saved once again by a few KEXP fans. Some old drunks kept yelling at the Magic Bullets to play The Doors. It was that kind of place. We crashed in the parking lot.

The next day we had Fishlips in Bakersfield. It’s basically a big restaurant with a spacious stage and a bar. Kind of a nice place, really. We got some swell clothes at a cool thrift store around the corner, and my new vintage seventies jacket combined with my Knights of the Round Table-esque haircut makes me look like a classical composer of some kind. It’s all about personal branding, you see. Anyway, this show was also not too well attended, but we gave it the old college try as always. After the set, we walked down the street and visited our old pals Leslie and Colin at Riley’s Tavern, where hip-hop dance night was in full swing. Leslie poured us several generous shots on the house, and before long Garnet was trying to pick up some plus size ladies and Snow was cutting it up on the dance floor.

We played the Glass House in Pomona Thursday, but first we had to contend with the weather. The grapevine was actually closed due to heavy snowfall, so we had to use an alternate route to get to Los Angeles other than I 5. Very strange. It’s always funny to see it pouring down rain in LA. LET’S SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT, BITCHES. Excuse me. Anyway, the Glass House is a large all-ages venue with a top quality sound system and a huge green room area that could double as a posh apartment. Although there wasn’t a huge crowd, we still put on a very fun show for our fans and Snow even got a couple of girls on stage to play tambourine. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with this show, and we played to about twenty to thirty kids, including the Magic Bullets. We drove through heavy rain after the show and opted to stay with our old friend Becky in Atwater Village for the night.