Good old Bob sent us an absolute novel of a blog, so in terms of suspense building, we’ve decided to cut this bad boy in half. This time around The Blakes are finishing up their Southwest endeavors in preparation for their first jump across the pond.

For your enjoyment, one Bob Husak.

Life has certainly been eventful for The Blakes since my last post. Let me first briefly recap the rest of the last tour:

After ABQ we played the Bunkhouse in Vegas again, where some brawling went down onstage between the brothers Keimozov. We had the next day off and we watched the Super Bowl with The Magic Bullets at the Jackpot Casino. We drank many Buds, ate cheap hot dogs and nachos and reveled in the Giants’ unlikely victory. Tom Petty was also impressive. We played a blues bar called Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz next. Not much to report from this show but we got to relax during the day in a nearby town on the water. We drank margaritas and I ate some oysters and deep fried artichokes. We played Sacto the next day and we got a chance to hang out with our good friend Sydney, although she couldn’t come into the show at the Blue Lamp because she’s not quite twenty-one yet. The next day we had a very long drive to Portland where we were playing Dante’s again. The room was very full for a Thursday. Our constant touring must be starting to pay off. Lars came to this show and had a meeting with us, and I also went with him to world-renowned Voodoo Donut where I stayed away from the bacon maple bar this time around and went with the donut that had Froot Loops on it.

We drove down to Bend the next day for Bend WinterFest. This was our first outdoor show in freezing, snowy weather. There was a huge snowboard ramp located directly across from the stage and a shrill, irritating announcer kept calling all the tricks the semi-pro boarders were pulling off while we were setting up. The snowboarding ended just as we started playing, however, so people did come over to watch the show. We played Yakima Sports Center next and it was also packed out. Always love to come to Yakima. B. Brown’s girlfriend experienced a tragedy that evening and Brown decided to book a flight out of Boise the next afternoon to be with her. This left us minus one tour manager/sound guy. We soldiered on and played a great show that night to a really good house (for a Sunday) at the Neurolux in Boise. We had a day off after that and I went to see Rambo in Pocatello. Very violent. We played to thirty bearded men (and one or two non-bearded women) at the Filling Station in Bozeman, MT the following evening. Actually, I liked the venue and the people. A guy named Eric who played guitar for us on a tour three-and-a-half years ago showed up. It was good to see him. He was cursed on that tour though: He was arrested for possession of marijuana in Texas, he had a girl pull a knife on him and begin stabbing a couch he was sitting on in New Mexico, he got in a car accident with a girl in Kentucky, and he got drunk and destroyed a beer pong table in Phoenix. Anyway, we did The Loft in Missoula the next day. Funny story here. This band called The Hermans were supposed to play with us in Missoula on that same tour we did with Eric, but we had to bail out at the last minute after we got to the venue due to an emergency. The venue still gave us some gas money. The Hermans played to an empty house and were so angry at us for taking money and leaving that their singer wrote a long diatribe about it and got it published in a book he wrote about being in a struggling rock band. Apparently it’s in every Barnes & Noble across the US. Anyway, he wrote us an apologetic email a few weeks before this current Missoula show, stating that he felt differently about the situation because he’d since found out what touring was really like. So we were supposed to be playing with The Hermans this time around also, but guess what? They cancel at the last minute, and they tell the promoter that their bass player is snowed in. Go figure. At any rate, it was nice to return to the Northwest the next day, where we played again at Bourbon Street in Spokane. Our last show there was a drunken mess, but this one went very well, and we had some energetic fans turn up. My mom showed up after we were finished. The next day we had our big homecoming Seattle show at Chop Suey and it was as insane as expected. The green room was packed afterwards while we said tearful, drunken goodbyes to our new best friends, the Magic Bullets. We’ll see them again at Noise Pop, so all is not lost.