Bob’s Blog 9.26.2007

Bob had this written hours and hours ago, but tech-monkey Noah was too busy cracking whip-its and prank calling David Attenborough to put it up. Couple of slaps later, tech-monkey Noah has got his shit in shape, and for you, our loyal fans. Today’s Bob’s Blog:

The Blakes were going to have a day of rest today (Tue) but we ended up doing a small piece of business with Tom Scanlon of the Seattle Times at the West 5 in West Seattle. Which is WAY OUT THERE, man. I mean it’s a HECK of a long bus ride from Interbay, I’ll tell you that much for free. Tom did a nice, laid back interview with us. He subtly prodded some rich material from us until we realized we’d said too much. He’s a sneaky fellow, that Scanlon. The West 5 makes a superlative BLT, by the way. Chris Estey, our long lost publicity man at Light in the Attic, was spending the day at home feverishly putting together a press schedule for the week leading up to our album release shows. He called me a lot to get availability details. And here I thought he’d just been holed up in his room drinking himself into a stupor for the last month or two.

Just kidding, Chris. Don’t sodomize me. I also found out from a former co-worker at the Old Spaghetti Factory (known to its employees as the Spag–some prefer “shithole”) that our new album has been LEAKED by iTunes, and that it’s posted on their homepage! With two extra songs unavailable anywhere else (cheap plug)! Hey, I can shill for my own record if I want. I wonder if it would be an effective publicity stunt for the Blakes to collectively announce their retirement from the music business at our album release party. Not that we would, but wouldn’t it be funny? Just to say the words,”we regret to announce we’ll be retiring from the music industry.” I wanted to close with a movie recommendation: You have to see The Wild Life with Chris Penn and Eric Stoltz. It was released in 1984 and the screenplay was written by Cameron Crowe, who follows his own Fast Times at Ridgemont High formula closely. Funny ensemble cast also features Lea Thompson, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Rick Moranis, Robert Ridgely, and Jenny Wright, with cameos by Randy Quaid, Lee Ving (?), Dick Rude, Ron Wood (?), Nancy Wilson, Ben Stein and my favorite, the beautiful Sherilyn Fenn, several years before Twin Peaks. Chris Penn is basically a coked-up, meathead Spicoli. This film seems to have something of a bad rap, and it’s not even available on DVD, but I’m telling you, it’s got everything you’d want from an eighties comedy. I’ll tell you what, watch The Wild Life back-to-back with DC Cab and let me know which one’s better.