Bringin’ the goods and giving them away! Free Basin’ Fridays is here.

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Illustration by Drew Christie

Addicted to records? Then mark your calendars for “Free Basin’ Fridays!” Each Friday on our blog, we’ll announce giveaways of new releases, selections from our back catalog, ephemera, and other limited items. In honor of the late great Kearney Barton, this week we’re giving away a massive Wheedle’s Groove package (over a $100 value). For your chance to win, leave a comment below and be sure to include your name and email address (kept private) so we can contact you! Winner is announced next Friday 1/27! Don’t sleep on this one!

Giveaway includes:

Wheedles Groove: Seattle’s Finest In Funk & Soul 1965–1979 Limited Edition 45s Box Set (x10 45s)

Wheedle’s Groove: Seattle’s Finest In Funk & Soul 1965-75 (CD)

Kearney Barton (CD)

Wheedle’s Groove Documentary (DVD)

Seattle SuperSonics Replica Trading Cards (16 cards in set, limited edition of 100)

Be sure to check out the blog every Friday at 12PM PST for Free Basin’ Fridays and your chance to stock up on the good stuff…for free! And big thanks to our bud Drew Christie for doing the illustration for the series. Check him out here!

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63 Responses to “Bringin’ the goods and giving them away! Free Basin’ Fridays is here.”

  1. Ramone666 says:

    An attic as sweet as apples coated with honey.

  2. louis-guy begin says:

    I still remember when a friend dubbed me a cassette of the 1st Sonic album in the mid 90′s. The sound of that record just amazed me and that record became my reference of what a garage-soul record should sound like. +/- 15 years later, I still consider that the music recorded by the Sonics with K. Barton is way up there. I Would definitely like to find more about the Sir by listening to this great package.


  3. Alex Burke says:

    really look up to what you guys are doing. bring back records that would never dream of seeing the light of day
    also helped me find one of my favourite records! (Jim Sullivan’s UFO)

    also loved the WG compilation, makes me wish I was born 30 years earlier

    keep it up!

  4. MikeB says:

    There’s nothing like a pipe loaded with LITA gems…

  5. Kaley Evans says:

    Now that’s a prize pack.

  6. Al Bloch says:

    Free Basin’ Friday rules. I want to win the Wheedles Groove pack!


  7. Phil says:

    My how I love you guys. Thanks for all the great music.

  8. Janos Kis says:

    Hello LITA people,

    I discovered your blog via your Rodriguez releases way back in 2009. I purchased several items from your catalog since then. I recently switched to buying LPs instead of CDs, so I have duplicates of almost every LITA release now. They are just so beautiful and lovingly packaged, I don’t have the heart to sell or give away any of them.
    Keep up the good work.
    Also props to this Free Basin’ thing!
    I hope I win.

    Janos from Hungary (is this a USA only contest, by the way? I hope not)

  9. ScottyJ says:

    Came of age in the mid-70s and considered myself a walking music encyclopedia (and Bullets fan dating to the days when Earl, Honeycomb & Dancin’ Harry roamed the Civic Center). Stumbled across LITA’s reissue catalog, though, and realized my self-designation was one of folly mixed with vanity. Sorta like I’m sure Jack Sikma feels these days about the greasy, fly-away hair he sported when posting up for that shambolic (but indefensible, dammit) turnaround baseline jumper of his.

  10. Rob says:

    I’m spinning my first set Friday afternoon next week! Love to spin some soul nuggets that still have that brand new ’45 smell (hint hint).

  11. adam c. says:

    throwing my hat in the ring.

  12. James K says:

    I want to go for the pity ‘vote’ here, but am not entirely sure of how to go about it other than to say, I’m from Australia. Australia! Worse still, it’s the back end of Australia (imagine how much I’ve spent on shipping records over the years … speaking of which, I’d happily pay for shipping were I to win this prize; just sayin’). We’re not getting a whole lot of funk and soul out where I’m from and that hurts…

    As a sort of plan-B, I’ll also appeal to your vanity (it works when people do it to me) by offering a thank you for the wonderful work everyone at Light in the Attic Records is doing, not only in regards to the music being released, but also the research, creativity and passion that goes into each of your projects. Seriously, it’s hugely appreciated.


  13. James K says:

    It seems I can’t pay attention to dates. Apparently, we’re just that far behind in Australia. My bad and massive apologies.

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