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Karen Dalton: A Reluctant Voice, Rediscovered

Monday, August 20th, 2012

In honor of In My Own Time getting back on the shelves, we dug up this great mini audio documentary about the late Karen Dalton. NPR examines the span of her career, and digs a little into the air mystery that surrounds her. A great introduction to Karen and her music and a worthwhile listen for new and old fans alike. Read the article here and listen to the audio below!

Also, lay your ears on “Something On Your Mind,”  the first track off Karen Dalton’s In My Own Time, available now on CD/LP at

Rodriguez in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal!

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Photo by Theo Jemison

Rodriguez landed in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal this weekend! You can read the New York Times article here, and the Wall Street Journal write-up here.

And, be sure to watch the trailer for Searching For Sugar Man, opening in LA and NY on July 27th!

Snock ‘N Roll: Adventures With Michael Hurley

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

This is a great story! Marc Isreal, a free lovin’ puppeteer, was hitchhiking from his home in Massachusetts to Woodstock to deliver a shipment of home brewed Kombucha. The first person who picked him up just happened to be Michael Hurley (AKA Snock). Watch this short documentary and live vicariously through Marc!

Snock ‘N Roll: Adventures With Michael Hurley (Complete Documentary Short) from Marc Israel on Vimeo.

It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine- Free Design Interview

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

A great interview with Sandra Dedrick of The Free Design in It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine. Learn about Dedrick family life, the early years, and lots of other groovy stuff.

Read the interview here.


Spillers Records

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Spillers Records in Cardiff, UK

Check out this great write up of our friends at Spillers Records in The Guardian UK. For all of us in the USA this is about as close as you can get to the Spillers experience without actually stepping foot in the store!

Read the article here.

Oh la la! Beaucoup praise for Je T’aime reissue on Pop Matters!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Whew…we’re not cooling down yet!

The Jane Birkin / Serge Gainsbourg classic Je T’aime … Moi, Non Plus has been heatin’ things up for over 30 years and now Pop Matters caught the fever.

In his review, D.M. Edwards says Je T’aime “is unbridled, sophisticated fun [...] a genuine pop classic and one of the best 45s ever released.”

8/10 stars!

Read the full review HERE.

Jane Birkin Q&A on new reissue of J’Taime…Moi, Non Plus in the Boston Globe

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

If you follow us on Twitter (which, of course, you should be doing!) then you probably saw our Tweet about a great Q&A in the Boston Globe with the fabulous Jane Birkin on the reissue of J’Taime…Moi, Non Plus.

In the interview she talks about her and Serge’s legacy, the continued interest in J’Taime…Moi, Non Plus, and her thoughts on the equally risque film version of J’Taime.

Check out the full interview with Jane Birkin by James Reed HERE.

Betty in the UK

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Betty, Betty, Betty. Betty Davis, Funktress, Queen Funk – whatever you may go by.

The whole world loves you. Even the English, with their dry humor and bland sausages. Yup, even they love you.

As is proven in this eloquently written piece by Ben Thompson of The UK Observer. We especially enjoy Thompson’s description of Ms. Davis as a “one-woman, erotic Swat team” and his championing of They Say I’m Different and Betty Davis as “the long-lost libidinal high-water marks of early Seventies funk.”

Oh Ben, you’re too nice.

If all those words are too much for you, just take a gander at the picture accompanying the article. Fucking classic!

betty on a cycle

Jamaica to Toronto = EXCITEMENT!

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007


It isn’t everyday that some of the great reggae, funk, soul, dub players of the fifty years gear-up and perform together. Hell, it isn’t even every other day. Thus we aren’t surprised by the commotion Jamaica to Toronto’s upcoming performance at Pop Montreal (joining the likes of Patrick Wolf, The National and Grizzly Bear) is causing, but we certainly are grinning from ear to ear.

First, the Jamaica to Toronto show at Pop Montreal (October 5th, Club Lambi, just a measly $15 loonies) is featured on the front page of this world famous festival. The unknown author writes,

“Bolstered by overwhelming concert attendance and media support in Canada and abroad, come witness Canadian music history as “Jamaica to Toronto: Soul, Funk and Reggae 1967-1974″ touches down for their Montreal debut.”

Do, not, miss, this, show. (more…)


Monday, September 10th, 2007

We’ve been busting our asses lately around here. Last month it was Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators. So far this month we’ve put out the The Blakes Streets EP, and September 25th sees the next entry in to our Jamaica to Toronto series (Summer Records Anthology). October 6th is the release date for the full, ass-kicking, LP by The Blakes (and a sure to rock two-part record release … more about that later).

So, yes, we’re a little tired, a little worn down, but damn near ecstatic to be delivering great music to the ears of discerning music lovers. And, truthfully, we’re just as happy to be garnering some serious press from across the nation. Press that looks like this:

Nicole Willis in XLR8R


“Willis’ covers the gamut of ’60s- and ’70s-era soul and funk without ever placing a foot fully in the ‘retro’ camp.’” (more…)