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Free Basin’ Friday | Summer Edition

Friday, June 27th, 2014


Summer is here! Time to bust out the BBQ and fill up the kitty pool.  In celebration of the summer solstice, this week for Free Basin’ Friday we’re giving away a copy of Kindred Spirits reissue of L’Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes - L’Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes!


For a chance to win this week’s prize, tell us what’s your favorite summer record (an album that always gets loving during your 4th of July BBQ) and why. The winner will be notified next Friday via email.



Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Remember when these two amazing albums could only be purchased in the compact disc format?

Oh sure, the packaging was nice, the content within the amazing liner notes impeccable, but seriously, compact disc? Who were we kidding? Our legions of music-crazy fans couldn’t be satisfied by a shiny piece of plastic, they needed the real deal: vinyl.

Well, as Light In The Attic always does, we’ve heard the pleases of our desperate fans, and we’ve made two amazing vinyl packages for you, our amazing fans to purchase in these stressful holiday times. They’re big and beautiful, and the sound quality is as stellar as you’ve come to expect from us.

Seriously if you’re a fan of vinyl, or a fan of these two great albums or just someone who is, these are perfect gift for the X-Mas season. Check them out HERE and HERE.


Monday, November 26th, 2007


You may have heard of a little website called Pitchfork Media.  They, uh, like review music and talk to bands, and are pretty much the biggest online independent music reviewers, well, ever.

Old Pitchfork is revving up the old end-of-the-year-list machine, and they’ve started it out with writer Dave Stelfox’s “Top 10 Reggae/Dance Hall of 2008″ list.  Not to ours, or anyone’s surprise, it looks like our Jamaica to Toronto series re-issue Summer Records Anthology landed firmly at number seven on this prestigious little list, right between I Wayne and Ray Darwin.   Sure, it smarts a little that we got beaten out by Sean Paul, but seriously that work he’s done with, snicker, Busta Rhymes, giggle, is really unbeatable …

You can check out the whole list right HERE.


Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

The weeks of knotted anticipation have come and gone. The nights of cold sweats and fever dreams are a thing of the pass. The day is finally here:

Summer Records Anthology: 1974 – 1988 is in stores.

Grab your recently purchased copy of this fucking amazing compilation of the great, great hits of Jerry Brown’s Summer Records, toss it in the old player, spark up a “winner”, and breath a huge sigh of contented relief as the soothing grooves of Johnny Osbourne, Ranking, Noel Ellis, and a whole lot more wash over you.

If you’re not already dirtying your shorts in excitement, we’re posting all three parts of the unreleased documentary that happily resides on the DVD side of this dual-disc release. Have you ever seen Jerry Brown riding a bicycle? You will.

Watch the documentary, then buy the album from us, right HERE.

Part II and III are after the jump.

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So, You Like Noel Ellis?

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007


How could you not? That genuine smile, the faint resemblance to Eddie Murphy, those argyle socks, let alone his incredible musical talent – there is nothing not to like about this guy. Which is good for you because if you enjoyed Noel Ellis or the work this reggae virtuoso added to our Jamaica to Toronto Anthology, then your in for a real treat.

One week from today (seven days, one hundred sixty-eight hours, a lot of minutes, even more seconds) our newest entry in to the Jamaica to Toronto series, Summer Records Anthology, is going to be released and it features a brand new, previously unreleased track by Alton Ellis’ greatest son. And that’s really just the beginning, it features new tracks from Johnny Osbourne (which you can download right HERE), Earth, Roots & Water, and Summer Record’s founder, Jerry Brown.

Must, stop, writing, eager anticipation … making … vision … blurry.

Summer Records – 09.25.2007

Friday, September 14th, 2007

A question: do you know who this is?


It’s Jerry Brown, founder of seminal Toronto-based reggae label Summer Records. A true giant of the field in our humble opinions. A man you’ll get to know a lot better when you pick up Light In The Attic’s branding fucking new reissue compilation, Summer Records Anthology. Not only is it a beautifully packaged, amazingly researched deal, it is also packed to the rafters with the most serene of cuts to ever flow from Summer Records. Tracks from the likes of Johnny Osbourne, Noel Ellis, and Earth, Roots, and Water that, will blind you with soul, wrap you in reggae, and put you to bed with a healthy dose of dub.

We’ll stop rambling sycophantically, and you can just find out for yourself when the album drops a week from Tuesday, on the 25th.

Buy it, or live your life unfulfilled.

Summer Records = UNRELEASED VIDEO PT. 3

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet Canadian-Jamaican music? Can’t stop circling the date of September 25th in permanent red marker on your calender? Do you wake in the middle of the night, sweaty and humming Johnny Osbourne’s “Love Makes The World Go Round”?

You’ve got a need my friend, a need for the brand, spanking new Summer Records Anthology DUAL-DISC (meaning songs on one side, bonus material on the other) that drops on September 25th. Well, we can’t give it to you yet, but we can give you the third and final segment in the unreleased Summer Records Documentary we know you’ve developed a dopey-grinned hankering for.

It won’t stop the imaginary bugs or the itching, but it certainly helps with the shakes.

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Monday, September 10th, 2007

We’ve been busting our asses lately around here. Last month it was Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators. So far this month we’ve put out the The Blakes Streets EP, and September 25th sees the next entry in to our Jamaica to Toronto series (Summer Records Anthology). October 6th is the release date for the full, ass-kicking, LP by The Blakes (and a sure to rock two-part record release … more about that later).

So, yes, we’re a little tired, a little worn down, but damn near ecstatic to be delivering great music to the ears of discerning music lovers. And, truthfully, we’re just as happy to be garnering some serious press from across the nation. Press that looks like this:

Nicole Willis in XLR8R


“Willis’ covers the gamut of ’60s- and ’70s-era soul and funk without ever placing a foot fully in the ‘retro’ camp.’” (more…)

Summer Records Video pt. 2

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

September 25th. Mark the date on your calender (if you haven’t already). It is the fast approaching release date of Light In The Attic’s brand spanking new entry in to our jaw-droppingly great Jamaica to Toronto series: Summer Records Anthology. I really can’t say enough about good things about this album. Great music (when it drops check out ‘Right, Right Time’ by Johnny Osbourne, it’s a favorite of mine [or you can just check out this track), a great looking package, and fantastic liner notes by Toronto music historian Sipreano.

To help build the anticipation to the point of pain, today we’re giving you the second part of the unreleased Summer Records documentary that appears on the release. This is never-before-seen shit, just for you, our loyal fans.

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A little Summer Record’s video

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

I’m listening to the Summer Records Anthology right now, as I type this, and it trumps all of my expectations. A tight collection of tracks that beautifully highlight the varying stages of famed producer Jerry Brown’s musical evolution. It’s great, and you should be panting in anticipation for it’s September 25th release date.

To tide over the gnawing reggae/dub hunger tearing at your insides though, we’ll give you a taste of the unreleased documentary featured on the B-side of the dual-disc Summer Records Anthology release. It’s a real treat and you can see the whole thing when the disc comes out … September 25th.

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And don’t forget about this taste of the sweet sounds of Summer Records artist Johnny Osbourne (featuring Bunny Osbourne) featured at Light In The Attic.