Christmas Evil & Silent Night Deadly Night (OST ) | Death Waltz


Death Waltz Recording Co. may be home to some of the scariest music around, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t get into the Christmas spirit now and again. In that tradition, here’s their idea of Xmas cheer as they present the release of the classic 1980 yuletide slasher movie CHRISTMAS EVIL and SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT.


The music of CHRISTMAS EVIL is composed by the trio of Don Christenson, Joel Harris, and Julia Heywood, who created a score both menacing and upbeat, with tunes in the Christmas tradition. Like many horror soundtracks of the era, synthesisers dominate, with melodies similar to John Carpenter’s legendary HALLOWEEN, only in a happier and more deranged fashion. Wild and swirling synths acts as a window into the mind of Harry and what seems to be a nervous breakdown, and a menacing mix of foreboding notes and seasonal bells, all leading up to the ending that’s frankly crackers. This holiday season, give your loved ones CHRISTMAS EVIL. Limited to 400 copies on Satin Pearl White vinyl. Pre-order now!


Perry Botkin’s jolly old score to the controversial 1984 slasher SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT is no slouch in the recording world. His score is both chaotic and tragic; crashing sounds of distorted percussion are punctuated by both synth and acoustic piano, reflecting the sheer damage that has been done to Billy’s mind. The end result is both emotional and terrifying, even more so with the selection of original Christmas songs as composed by Morgan Ames that are spread amongst the film’s soundtrack. But a word of caution: If you don’t have SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT on the turntable this Christmas we’ll have to tell Billy that you’ve been… naughty. Consider yourselves warned. Only 500 copies available. Disc 1 comes pressed on transparent green vinyl and disc 2 is pressed on transparent red wax. Pre-order now!