CMJ, College Music Journal for your aging heathens, is a pretty big deal.  Fledgling college DJs across the nation toil each week over their CMJ Top Spin Playlist, to help show the youngins’ of America just what in the hell drunken co-eds are bumping in their dingy basements.  If you’re in college, and you like music, you’re probably somewhat influenced by the machinations of the creaking machine that is CMJ.

Thus, we’re pretty shit-eating-grin happy to report two fantastic CMJ-related news bits:

1.  The Black Angels, oh you sweet sweet dark angels and your Directions To See A Ghost, reached #13 on the national CMJ charts.  That means that only 12 other bands stand between us and the coveted numero uno.  We’ve sent out assassins and envelopes full of money, so we’ll tell you how it goes.

2.  The Saturday Knights, whom are about to explode all over America like a ripe tomato when their album Mingle drops on down, next Tuesday the 24th, had the number one most added album for the week.  Not the second most, not the third most, no no, THE MOST ADDED ALBUM FOR THE WEEK ALL ACROSS THIS MERRY LITTLE GLOBE.

Phew.  Being this excited about something tends to make our hearts palpitate strangely.