Coffee & Pie Listening Parties For Death Waltz’s Twin Peaks Release! Heartworn Highways In Toronto!


Twin Peaks Listening Parties with Coffee & Pie!

Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to present Angelo Badalamenti‘s soundtrack to David Lynch‘s Twin Peaks!!!

To celebrate the occassion, many of our favorite record shops around are throwing listening parties! Sit down, have a cup of damn fine coffee, and eat a slice of pie while enjoying the haunting score to your favorite strange place! Then, mosey on up to the counter and grab a copy to enjoy in the comfort of your own home while you grease up some cotton balls or cradle your log.

Check individual record store pages for specifics & event details.

9.6.16 - Amoeba Music, Hollywood, CA
9.6.16 - Amoeba San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
9.6.16 - Amoeba Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
9.6.16 - Bucket O’ Blood Books and Records, Chicago, IL
9.6.16 - Burger Records Fullerton, Fullerton, CA
9.6.16 - Criminal Records Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
9.6.16 - Dark Delicacies, Los Angeles, CA
9.6.16 - Darkside Records, Poughkeepsie, NY
9.6.16 - Down In The Valley, Golden Valley, MN
9.6.16 - Easy Street Records, Seattle, WA
9.6.16 - End of an Ear, Austin, TX
9.6.16 - Graveface Records & Curiosities, Savannah, GA
9.6.16 - Grimey’s New & Preloved Music, Nashville, TN
9.6.16 - Hybrid Records, Corpus Christi, TX
9.6.16 - LUNA music, Indianapolis, IN
9.6.16 - Mills Record Company, Kansas City, MO
9.6.16 - Mississippi Records, Portland, Portland, OR
9.6.16 - Monster Music & Movies, Charleston, SC
9.6.16 - Music Millennium, Portland, OR
9.6.16 - Park Ave CDs, Orlando, FL
9.6.16 - Reckless Records, Chicago, IL
9.6.16 - Redscroll Records, Northampton, CT
9.6.16 - Rough Trade NYC, New York City, NY
9.6.16 - Scarecrow Video, Seattle, WA
9.6.16 - Seasick Records, Birmingham, AL
9.6.16 - Stoup Brewing, Seattle, WA
9.6.16 - Strangeworld Records, Victoria, Australia
9.6.16 - Strictly Discs, Madison, WI
9.6.16 - The Record Exchange, Boise, ID
9.6.16 - Waterloo Records, Austin, TX
9.6.16 - What Cheer Records + Vintage, Providence, RI
9.6.16 - Zia Records, Phoenix, AZ
9.6.16 - Zia Records, Las Vegas, NV

9.8.16 - Planète Claire, Montreal, QC

9.9.16 - The End of All Music, Oxford, MS
9.9.16 - Indy CD & Vinyl, Indianapolis, IN

9.9.16 - Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe, Washington, DC

9.9.16 - Steelworker Records, Tampa, FL


Also, if you are in the Toronto area, there will be a screening of outlaw country cult classic Heartworn Highways on Wednesday, Aug 31 at The Royal Cinema! Co-presented & with prize giveaways from JUNE RECORDS as well as a special live performance by the Blue Sky Miners!