Color Me Impressed


The Replacements circa 1985. Photo courtesy of Twin/Tone Records

“It’s so hard for me to analyze what we were ’cause we had no idea what we were when we were doing it. To look back, it’s like it was someone else who did it. No, I think that all that shit was overshadowed by the drinking and everything we did. The fact remains that we were a good little rock and roll band. And if we weren’t good, we wouldn’t have gone as far as we did. All the drinking, and all the breaking, and all the destruction and all the crap that went along with us got all the attention. But the fact, I think, is we were a great little garage band – and that’s what I want to be remembered for. That’s, to me, the essence and what I’m most proud of.”

- Paul Westerberg from The Replacements: All Over but the Shouting: An Oral History.