Distro Roundup With Jon Treneff!



Michael Hurley – Armchair Boogie LP

One of the two or three best Hurley records (ok – the best), and a perfect entry point for the un-soiled, giving air to some classic Hurley-ian concerns (werewolves, aliens, biscuits). Michael lives in Astoria and will still leave the house to play a show for 30 people in a bike shop.  Our kind of guy.

Bert Jansch – Live At The 12 Bar

It’s been a good summer for old fogey jams – what with Michael Hurley, Goldberg, Jimmy Rabbit, and now this Jansch number (that’s fogey for joint, err, i mean vape pen).  Jansch’s understated style and delivery have a natural lived-in ease – like sitting on the porch in August, sipping peach sangria with the breeze in your hair.  A gentle reminder and articulation of life itself, transmitted down through the generations and traditions old as the hills and Bartles & Jaymes.
We know, we know – what could we possibly say about another Morricone reissue at this point?! But hey, humor us.  You think this is easy?!  Let’s see you get up here and talk about 700 soundtracks in a unique and compelling manner every day.  Wait – come back!  I didn’t mean it! Perhaps a reconstruction of the dialogue is in order – because this Morricone stands apart from most Morricones.  Eerily transfixing, this is haunted library music for violin and voice, falling more on the abstract minimalism side of the olive branch than most of the maestro’s work.  One for the Morricone fan who has it all, or those in the mood for something different from the usual soundtrack fare.