Distro Roundup With Jon Treneff!

If you’re a certain nerd of a certain age, you may recall the (great) Cherrystones comps of the early-mid aughts. Gareth Goddard aka DJ Cherrystones carved out the weirdo crate-digger niche well in advance of current weirdo reissue culture. Now that everyone’s finally caught up, he’s back to show who paid the cost to be the boss. In shameless self-promotion news, lookout for the 39 Clocks reissue coming in June!
For a brief moment in the early ’70′s the flood gates opened and everything was allowed. Wanna make a major studio film in Morocco with Jack Nicholson and no dialogue?  Sure!  How bout an anti-establishment/anti-music industry/anti-everything country record green-lighted by Nashville royalty?  Knock yourself out!  The L.A. Freeway ain’t the way, it ain’t free.
The last thing I remember I was in Gustavo’s backyard sipping a caipirinha next to the tiki torch. When I came to I was naked and alone on a bed of giant gunnera leaves covered in red clay body paint somewhere deep in the rainforest. The sound of tribal drums and chanting all around. Maybe three or four songs playing at once. I passed out again and waited for the doctor to come back.