Distro Roundup!

Ben Lovett – Synchronicity:

LP Vinyl Gatefold Sleeve.indd

Death Waltz Recording Company in collaboration with Lakeshore Records grace us with the ethereal yet powerful soundtrack to the sci-fi thriller SynchronicitySynchronicity is about an inventor that creates a time machine and uses it to go back in time to stop the potential theft of the technology. At times calm but at times frantic, this film is all at once dreamy, ominous, and foreboding, and Ben Lovett’s synth-centered score perfectly embodies the intense and suspenseful atmosphere that reigns throughout the film.

Ulas Pakkan – Baskin:


Ulas Pakkan’s soundtrack to the award winning and anticipated Turkish horror film Baskin gets the vinyl treatment, courtesy of Invada Records. The soundtrack itself has received almost as much praise as this gory thriller revolving around the world of dreams. It’s emotional, strange and hypnotic sound has an 80s synth vibe but with a unique Turkish twist.

Keith Emerson – Inferno:

Originally a rock keyboardist, Keith Emerson of The Nice and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, also composed and performed numerous scores for European and Asian films in the 1980s. These films were rarely seen by American audiences and the soundtracks would briefly appear in the import sections of record stores. Emerson’s orchestral style fit comfortably into the underrated supernatural horror film Inferno, the second of Dario Argento’s Three Mothers trilogy.