Distro Update! Ride out the last days of Summer with Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical!

Though Summer is waning, you can keep the heat and humidity going all year long with the steamy reissue of Ranil’s Jungle Party by Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical from the fine folks at Masstropicas!

Mixing deeply funky psychedelic-surf guitar jams with traditional “huayño” dance music, Ranil and Co. get down and dirty Peruvian style. The result is a style mash-up not unlike African “Juju” or “High-Life” music, popularized by the incendiary Stratocaster guitar playing of King Sunny Adé. In fact, think of Ranil’s Jungle Party as King Sunny Adé jamming with some Andes dudes while on vacation in Peru. Dig?

Masstropicas worked with Ranil on this one-time-only, limited vinyl LP reissue (his records were originally produced and released by himself on his own label, Llerena Productions) and we look forward to hearing more in the future.

For audio samples and to buy Ranil’s Jungle Party, click HERE.