Donnie & Joe – ‘Ride The Tide’ Music Video!

Filmmaker, record collector, and the man who picked out a forgotten Donnie & Joe LP in a thrift shop in Spokane before the rest of us got wise, Jack Fleischer, has made a music video for ‘Ride The Tide’ from Still Dreamin’ Wild: The Lost Recordings 1979-81. Finally one of these songs gets the sublime music video treatment it deserves! Big thanks to our friend Jack and to everyone who helped make this awesome video.

Directed by Jack D. Fleischer
Cinematography by Chris Adler
Edited by Chris Adler
Produced by Jack D. Fleischer and Light in the Attic
co-produced by Dylan Fergus

Kaiso Hill as Donnie
David Gironda Jr. as Joe
Eva Sinotte as Girl on the Beach
Jack Sills as Motorcycle Donnie
Wardrobe by Emily Moran
Wardrobe Assistant – Mieko Romming
Gaffer – Joshua Gleason

Jack Fleischer Would Like To Thank:
Zorthian Ranch
Alan Zorthian
Richard Pluim
Oscar Camacho
Jack Sills
Kye Potter
Lydia Hyslop

Shot on location in Malibu and Altadena, CA.

We released Still Dreamin’ Wild last year. It’s available for purchase here!