Dublab Proton Drive Fundraiser

Dublab is currently in the middle of their Fall 2013 “Proton Drive” Fundraiser!  For those of you who don’t know, dublab is a community supported web radio station and creative collective celebrating 14 years of sharing music. As a non-profit organization they rely upon listener contributions to achieve their mission. Listener donations provide half of dublab’s funding. We have always been a big supporters of what dublab have been doing. LITA’s own Matt Sullivan has been a reoccurring guest DJ during their past Proton Drive Fundraiser. Likewise, our friends over at dublab have been loyal supporter of LITA since its inception. So please head over to dublab.com and donate whatever you can. Your support is essential and greatly appreciated! Plus there are tons of awesome premiums for donating!

dublab’s Fall 2013 “Proton Drive” Fundraiser is happening November 4-23. They will be broadcasting live on dublab.com from 8am-8pm PST each weekday and beyond to inspire your support. Tune-in and join the dublab family by giving http://dublab.com/#proton-gift-packs




Also, don’t miss dublab’s Proton Drive Fundraiser event at Cinespia Salon Novemember 16th & 17th. I Am The Center artist, Laraaji, is going to give a rare Los Angeles performance and meditation workshop. More information at CineFamily.org