Dynomite D at Light in the Attic

“Who Dropped By The Light In The Attic Records Offices Today?”

Dynomite D (www.myspace.com/dynomited) dropped by with some Taco Time, sharing mexi-fries and crustos with the staff. Dynomite D has worked on the Free Design “Redesigned” album for Light In The Attic, as well as working with Beastie Boys, Hurricane, Money Mark, Kirk Dubb and Mister Holmes, Man Ray, Kid Koala, FCS North, Modest Mouse, 764-Hero (Up Records), Planet Hemp, Cincinnati Player, Log Hog, Brooks Z B, Bombay 2 (Motel Records), Jerky Boys (soundtrack), Funky Mafia, Volume All Star, The Clarence Mack Express (Electricraft), Clutch (soundtrack), the first “Wheedles Groove” album — and is now producing the NEW “Wheedle’s Groove” record! (Yes, it’s happening again — all new material! Out in the fall …)

LITA retail wizard Josh pulled out a really cool 45 by The Dynamites (featuring Charles Walker), “Slink” b/w “Come On In” on the Outta Sight label on luscious red vinyl for the occasion. Smoov.

Rotating on your turntables: Tommy James & the Shondelles, all of his albums. I’ve been blown away by the production. They were doing a lot of tricks and stuff back then where it seemed like pre-electronic techno. Psychedelic effects using the studio. I’ve been listening to a lot of Wolfmother, but that’s on the turntable. I also foudn this Latin disco record, called “The Sauce” for 50 cents. I forget the name right now. But it’s a good record.

Influential Records As A Kid:

Pink Floyd, “Dark Side Of The Moon” – As a kid it took me to a different place, it was an escape. That was when I realized that a record could make you feel like you’re somewhere else. Because I lived with my dad for one year, never knew him really, and after moving in with him realized I needede an escape, because it wasn’t the best situation. The thing abou my dad is that he was really into music, and he had that record. So when i couldn’t relate to my dad I’d go to the “Dark Side Of The Moon.”

Steve Miller, “Fly Like An Eagle” – Because the Hammond organ was just amazing, bigger than life. It had that perfect blend of analog keyboards and organic sounds. I know it’s kind of a Creedence rip-off, but it’s kind of Creedence in the future.

Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Kosmo’s Factory” – The Fogerty boys are from the same place as my mom’s sisters, and my aunt dated one of the Fogerty boys (not John). So my mom always had their record, and it just stood out to me.

Jimi Hendrix, “Are You Experienced?” – If I need to say anything about this record, you’re an idiot.

Radio tracks: Gershon Kingsley, ‘The Popcorn Song’; Led Zeppelin, every song of theirs they were playing on the radio.

Favorite Concerts Attended:

Motley Crue, “Shout At The Devil” tour. I saw them at the Coliseum.

Lou Rawls, with Natalie Cole opening, at the Paramount, back in the 80s.

Beastie Boys / Run-DMC: “Raisin’ Hell” tour. That was when I met Jam Master Jay. I also met Mike D for the first time. I worked on Hurracane’s solo album, which was also on the Jerky Boys soundtrack.

Lollapalooza – in Canada, the one with the Beasties, and they did song “Four Fly Guys” live, the song I’d produced for them. It was great to be in with thousands of kids hearing a band play a song I worked on with them.

Beasties at the Gorge.

Like Father, Like Daughters?

Audree, 3, Ava, 1, and they’re into Spongebob and Cinderella.