Free Basin’ Friday | Betty Davis – “Betty Davis” !

Friday, April 4th, 2014


Friday, the weekend is finally upon us and you know what that means….. time for Free Basin’ Friday! This week we’re giving away a LP of the recently back in print Betty Davis – Betty Davis.


Betty Davis was an innovator way ahead of her time. Her style of raw and revelatory punk-funk defied any notions that women couldn’t be visionaries in the worlds of rock and pop.  She was provocative and flamboyant, often flaunting her female sexuality. She greatly influenced many artist such as Outkast, Prince, Erykah Badu, Rick James, The Roots and Red Hot Chili Peppers. So for this week’s challenge, we would like you to come up with five fictitious song titles that best represents Betty Davis. The most creative answers win. The winner will be chosen next Friday via email. 

13 Responses to “Free Basin’ Friday | Betty Davis – “Betty Davis” !”

  1. 1. Put Your Step In
    2. Free Walk (No Tears)
    3. I’m Living Blues (Radio Edit)
    4. Who’s a Bitch
    5. There’s a Crack In Your Step

  2. Mike says:

    Slut shaming ain’t no game
    Bad man gives me good love
    Don’t care who’s man he is
    I’m not a girl… you ain’t no man
    Don’t text me heart emoji’s

  3. Joey says:

    1. Get My Panties Out Your Mouth
    2. You’ll Know My Love By The Scratches On Your Back
    3. The Durham Funk (We Do It Better)
    4. It Ain’t Stalkin’ If We’re Talkin’
    5. Hollywood Harlot (Don’t Funk With Me)

  4. jenny says:

    1. I’m Steppin Out. You Better Step It up.
    2. If You’re In Luck You Just Might Get Picked Up
    3. I Like It That Way
    4. Bootie in My Boogie
    5. Pluck My Feathers

  5. Sarah says:

    1 Bet Your Stars I’m Bizarre
    2 I Get Mine (You Get Your Own)
    3 Freaky Deaky Mickey
    4 Don’t Need Ya
    5 Keep on Funkin’

  6. Adra Boo says:

    Funk Faces, Sucka!
    Big Freakin’ on a Friday Night
    Caramel Brown, Fish and Grits
    Bootsy Ain’t Got a Thang on These Boots!
    Sugar Sugar, Come an’ Get This Lovin

  7. 1. My Nigger Charley
    2. The Natural Black Jesus
    3. Hair I’m Going To Cut You
    4. Fred Astaire Needs Dancing Lessons
    5. Jive-ass Revolution

  8. Kyle says:

    1. Step Off, Maurice
    2. Giant Garafalo (Man in Shorts)
    3. Psyche Yourself Pt. 2
    4. The Mailman Drove Up in a Dumptruck
    5. N.O.P.E.

  9. andre says:

    1.He Got a Big Nutt! 2.F.U.N.K.this stool.3.Horny Devil 4.Kick Ass Stiletto’s 5.Fishnet’s N A Bind

  10. Spencer says:

    1. If There’s a Heaven Up Above (the Entryway Is Down Below)
    2. Nastier Than Luther Could Evah Be
    3. What’s Wrong With Being Sexy?
    4. White I Ain’t
    5. Miles’ Trials

  11. jrqbliss says:

    G.I.R.L. Power
    Black is Beautiful (and so am I)
    Ain’t Nobody’s Baby
    Lowdown on the Down Low
    Black Betty (cover)

  12. Zachary Veltheim says:

    1. Many Shades of the Blues
    2. Give It Up (I’ll Take It)
    3. Miles to Go Before I Sleep
    4. Country Talkin, City Walkin
    5. Shut Yo Trap (Before I Step In It)

  13. Bond Company Stooge says:

    Stars in my Pants
    Get Back in Yo Car
    Bitch on the Street
    Hey Douche!
    Mama Got a Big Mouth

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