Free Basin’ Friday: Escape From New York Soundtrack | Vinyl LP


Ahhhh yeah, its Friday! You know what that means…time to dust off the ole’ pipe and get ready for a Free Basin’ giveaway! This week’s prize is yet again another sweet title from our distro catalog. We’ll be giving away John Carpenter and Alan Howarth’s score of Escape From New York, from of our pals over at Death Waltz Recordings Company.


Exclusively re-mastered for this vinyl release including 6 tracks that never made it into the original film. John Carpenter not only directed Escape From New York but also composed and recorded all of its music too. This score sounds as fresh today as it did when it was first released. Laden with brooding electronic pulses, flashes of Krautrock and healthy dose of nu disco ensures that this soundtrack sounds as happy on the dance floor as it is in your headphones.


Exclusive cover art by Jay Shaw (aka Iron Jaiden) one of the most in demand poster artists working today, his recent work has been selling out in minutes creating a huge demand on the aftermarket. Jay is heavily influenced by the abstract posters of the polish film industry and is not afraid to experiment with his work.

This weeks Free Basin’ Friday question is: What is your favorite quote from the film Escape From New York? Please give your answer in the comment box below. Do not forget to included your email address in the box provided, all addresses will be visible to Light In The Attic employees ONLY. Winners will be announced next Friday via Twitter and Facebook.