Free Basin’ Friday | “Heavenly Ethiopiques” | 2xLP of Ethio-Jazz!


It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing! Time to giveaway some wax! This week’s prize is Heavenly Ethiopiques: The Best of The Ethiopiques seriesout now on Heavenly Sweetness.

Heavenly Sweetness 2

Heavenly Ethiopiques is a collection of Ethiopian jazz selected by Francis Falcetto, founder of the 28 CD series, and the specialist of Ethiopian music. So, for a chance to win this week’s prize we want you to create your own definition for three of the song titles. The albums track list is featured below. The most creative submission wins! The winner will be chosen next Friday via email.

1. Tashamanaletch
2. Hamgnaw
3. Terew Nr
4. YmYed
5. M M
6. Presentiment
7. Muziqawi Silt
8. EwnYLagegnesh
9. Yégélé Tezet
10. Shell Bxophone
11. En Bay Man
12. Bn Sb Letlash
13. Htch Alu
14. Lantchi Biy
15. Tchqa
16. Selam temagwet
17. Ashasha Bw
18. Ab teqay qerebi
19. Kan Ati Fettun Isani Infedhani
20. Medjemerya feqrey