Free Basin’ Friday: Lee Hazlewood’s “Trouble Is A Lonesome Town” Giveaway | Deluxe Colored Vinyl


It’s Free Basin’ Friday! This week we’re giving away a DELUXE copy of Lee Hazlewood’s debut, Trouble Is A Lonesome Town pressed on baby blue wax! Don’t worry, we’re not stopping there! We’ll also include a copy of Lee Hazlewood’s unaired screenplay for a 1960′s television special based on Trouble Is A Lonesome Town!


This blue vinyl version is long out of print and very limited! So, give it your best shot! For your chance to win, complete this line pulled directly from Lee’s Trouble script in your own words, Mad Libs style! Anything goes.


“Trouble is about the only town in the world that’s got a __________ that thinks he’s a __________.”

Make sure to include your name and email address (kept private) in the proper fields, so we can contact you if you win! Winner will be chosen and announced next Friday. Good luck, and have a killer weekend!